10 traits of femininity that will make you “A WOMAN WORTH A MILLION …” (See how many of them you already have!)

by Ruta B.

Today we’ll discuss 10 traits of femininity that will make you feel like a WOMAN WORTH A MILLION …

“A woman worth a million” is an amazing metaphor which reflects a set of certain feminine traits that some women have and upon meeting such a woman, you can’t ever forget her!

Almost ANY woman, even a regular one, can develop these qualities and become unforgettable.

Perhaps, in your life, you have met women that were spreading something incredibly attractive around them. Something that attracted both men and women. And it was not the exterior beauty. It was something inside of them … And this article is all about it…

While reading, you can mark down the qualities you lack and the ones you already have. Every day, every year, every hour is a great time to start changing the old habits that do not bring any joy to you.

Because if you keep doing what you were doing before, you will only get more of what you already have today …

So, ask yourself, do you really want it? How long have you been promising yourself to start living differently—to love yourself, improve the relationship with your husband, find a loved one or change your financial situation?

You must have learned a couple of times that most of the dreams are only dreams and the usual routine, and life itself remains the same as before. Your sexuality and femininity are lost in the daily routine and never-ending chores.

However, we invite all women to set a serious and clear goal: to love themselves, to shine and to finally change their life.

In order to do this, you must first understand what was earlier preventing it.

Most of us want to change our lives, to find ways to enjoy relationships and ourselves, but we do not know HOW …

And sometimes we also lack motivation because most of the women that are around us live similarly, and we have no one to be inspired by.

„I’ve been in the same situation for years. There were no women in my circle that I could learn from to be feminine and self-confident.

All the women in my circle took different paths of life … My mother is a very beautiful woman, but she comes from the 5th−6th decade. There was no time to think about femininity because women were forced to focus on the main survival issues.

As time went by, I began to think that the value of a woman depends on her beauty, financial situation, and male attention. But then again, I was surprised.

Since I lived in Los Angeles for many years and worked as a model, I had the opportunity to meet very beautiful and wealthy women.

When I got to know them a little better, I learned that beneath this ‘spectacular facade,’ expensive clothes, and gossip lies unhappy and insecure women that are afraid of losing their beauty, status, and husbands.

Most of them are undervalued, misunderstood and unable to maintain relationships. Like other women that I met, they try to fulfill themselves with the WRONG things and waste their lives seeking happiness in places where it doesn’t exist.

After spending 11 years in California, I learned about another type of women—the type of women who meditate, are spiritual and turned to themselves. I was thinking, “This is it. Happiness is within us.”

But eventually, I understood that the women on this path are also unhappy and often unappreciated.

It turned out that these women can talk about spirituality, the laws of the universe—being ‘here and now’—and meditation camps for hours, but they do not enjoy the simple earthly life; they do not care about their looks; they’re excessively concerned with helping others (“I want to help others, but not MYSELF”).

Not too many of them have a good relationship with their husbands, and sexuality and money is a taboo. They radiate love at seminars, but they rarely apply it in their everyday life.

I’ve traveled half the world in my life; I’ve ‘tried on’ different lifestyles, met women from different countries and attended a lot of trainings where I met some wonderful women.

They helped me realize what a real woman is.

Apparently, it’s an adorable, self-conscious woman living a beautiful earthly life together with the people around her, and who’s got some spiritual qualities in her everyday life. It’s a woman who has found ways to fulfill herself and give herself what we are constantly looking for on the outside—in husbands, in cash, or just in the future.

I cannot say that this is the real woman’s happiness, but I can honestly say that only now have I started to really live and enjoy life.

I want to share with YOU those principles that helped me create and find myself as a woman …
‘Chocolate Soul’ was created for YOU to show you how you could use simple and very effective tools to help you move from the usual and unsatisfying point in your life. It will also inspire you to take certain actions that will help you become a real woman worth a million.

Femininity, beauty, and joy are the most important elements of a WOMAN’S life, which help her bloom herself and inspire her environment to thrive as well.

Perhaps this article will help you understand which path you should take. It’s the path to femininity that your heart secretly or maybe openly longs for.

This article will help you plant a wonderful seed in your heart, which will grow into a wonderful blossom.

So we invite you to learn what lies under the phrase ‘A woman worth a million’ and to see what feelings this article will bring you.


  • First of all, she is a woman who cares for her outer beauty

It’s not just the pretty nails, skin, and hair. It’s also the clothing and style, which help you send a message to the world about you.

Darling, you have to care about your appearance and not hide under the ‘comfortable’ mask of a woman who takes care of all the others. You are a woman, and you have to take care of your looks.

And we’re not talking about expensive designer clothes or other fancy stuff. We’re talking about a woman who remembers that her clothes and looks tell the others ‘a story of her life.’ Think about what your looks tell the rest of the world: is it “I am a wonderful and attractive woman”? or is it “I have lost myself in the daily routine”?

When you answer this question, use every minute to express yourself and your femininity. Don’t wait to lose weight, to feel better, etc. At least a couple of times a week, stop for a moment when dressing up and ask yourself: “What story do I want to tell about myself today?”

  • A woman worth a million is HEALTHY AND SEXY

Antra - moteris verta milijonoThis means that you look after your health, take care of your sexuality and the feminine area.

If you’re already doing this, this means you refuse to believe in such statements as “It’s not the time …,” “This is not for me …,” “Sexuality is dirty, and it’s not worth talking about …,” etc.

A woman worth a million knows a lot of ways to boost her libido and to fill herself with sexual energy that makes her shine and feel vital (and this has got nothing to do with sex or other naughty stuff).

Such a woman is a savage lover, a shameful girl, and a proud queen—and she has befriended all of these sides of her.

Sexuality and the intimate feminine area are very important, and we have written a book about it “THE TRUTH TO INTIMATE FEMININE PROBLEMS” (by the way, you will not learn this from any doctor or gynecologist!).

  • A woman worth a million is unforgettable

Both in the minds of men and women. Such a woman slides through life easily, and when she meets a person, she can give them a wonderful gift—a smile, tenderness, certainty, inspiration, and beautiful emotions.

Such a woman smiles at the sales assistants, sincerely thanks the waiters, strokes a child’s head, and inspires men for great deeds.

  • A woman worth a million is filled with feminine energy and attracts others just like honey

A woman who has excessively shared herself with others is boring and empty …

It’s very important to perform feminine practice in order to avoid this, to connect to your body and find ways to love it.

In this way, you will learn to fill yourself with feminine energy, which is vital to every woman.

  • A woman worth a million is able to distribute her energy correctly

It is very important to see what uses our energy the most and to ‘distribute’ it proportionally and in a healthy way. This means that if you decided to finish a certain job or committed to spend some time with yourself, nobody can take it from you. There is nothing more important than committing to YOURSELF.

You’ve probably noticed that as soon as you decide to enjoy life, your friends start calling you to share some boring stories, or your children get hungry, and all of this takes us back to where we started.

Here, you need to decide—to observe and to let yourself act differently than usual. Say ‘yes’ to yourself and ‘no’ to others.

A woman worth a million knows that first of all, she has to fill herself with energy, have some quality time for herself, and only then can she share herself with others. This is how the perfect balance between ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’ is achieved.

  • She is a woman who is self-confident and knows her value

Confidence in the women’s vocabulary is often associated with ‘strength.’ A strong woman is associated with a woman from the beginning of the 20th century, who carries a great burden, does not complain, does not cry and is capable of surviving any challenge in life …

But it’s not self-confidence. Being arrogant and pretending to be ‘cool’ is not self-confidence either.

The true self-confident woman is the one who accepts herself with all her flaws and weaknesses; who is not afraid to express her wishes, desires, needs, and feelings.

She’s a brave woman who lets herself be real, vulnerable and, at the same time, understands that she has this power within her which she could use to move heaven and earth if she needed to.

  • A woman worth a million can have a balanced, intimate and fulfilling relationship with a man

She’s a woman who is supportive and knows her place and is able to inspire a man and give him special feminine energy.

But first of all, you need to learn to let a man have his status and to support his decisions, no matter what they are.

It may be difficult at first, but you can start doing this today. When talking to your husband, just end your sentences by asking: “What do you think?”

This is a magical question and makes a man feel that his opinion matters to you.

This question also helps a man take responsibility for the current situation and invites him to deal with it together. To make a man admire you, you have to take the path to femininity yourself and learn the gentle and feminine ways to ‘suggest’ to men to be more masculine.

  • A woman worth a million is a mastermind of communication and knows that feelings lie under the human words

astunta - moteris verta milijonoShe knows how to ‘read’ and respond to them.

She is able to listen, understand and sympathize. It’s very useful to read the books by Marshall Rosenberg or listen to him on YouTube.

This wonderful person can teach you to ‘listen with your heart’ and not with words. Many sentences that we instantly reply to is nothing more than other person’s ‘request’ to make them feel important, significant and visible.

  • A woman worth a million does not wait for men or the environment to make her happy ...

She is constantly looking for ways to enjoy life and for the surprises the world can bring. And if she doesn’t find them, she creates them herself.

And it doesn’t mean that you have to come up with expensive entertainment or save up for a trip. You can start creating wonderful moments right now.

  • A woman worth a million lives in wealth and luxury

She knows various feminine ways to raise money in her life.

She has befriended money and knows that she’s worth a comfortable and beautiful life.

Darling, let yourself become such a woman today!

You have all the means to do this; you just have to understand that you are the CREATOR of your life to encourage yourself, to discover the circle of supporting women, and to keep going on the path to FEMININITY.

A WOMAN WORTH A MILLION is a woman who knows her value and is self-confident … she is glowing with the joy of life and is happy … she is unforgettable and hard to resist …

She is a woman who has merged with her feminine nature. She is feminine and charming. She is in touch with her body, nature, and higher powers. She clearly understands the pain and grief that lie within her, and she knows how to manage that so that it doesn’t affect her relationships and quality of life.

A woman worth a million is a woman whom you will never forget once you meet her because she is glowing with a special feminine energy, beauty, and femininity, and the whole world is smiling at her.

And when she cries, the world waits for her to stop because it knows that she’s a real and sincere woman who lets herself be whatever she feels like.

The majority of the men want to be with such a woman; children are laughing when they’re with her, and other women are inspired by her …

Becoming a wonderful woman is no longer just a dream!

All you have to do is spend a few minutes with yourself every day and take advantage of the tools we offer.
Here are some testimonies and examples of amazing changes from our customers:
I did not believe in such things in the past but now, when my husband asks “What happened to you? We’re just like we were when we started dating,” I understand that this is really working! And once, when having the morning coffee, he said this phrase from one of the practices: “I want to take care of you.” I almost fell off the chair. This practice and the Jade egg is my most wonderful feminine secret.
– Linda

… It really worked. I was always dreaming to be a Queen, and now I just can be one. I’ve noticed how people look at me; I get a lot of compliments; my husband admires me; my sexual life has improved …
– Carol

I can only say that it is one of the best investments in me. I enjoy the practices a lot, I do them every day; I only choose the mood I’m into at that time. I can already feel the change in my wellbeing and self-esteem as well as in the relationship with my husband.
– Jane

We invite you to use our unique tools and really become a WOMAN WORTH A MILLION!

Ruta, Chocolate Soul

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