by Ruta B.

Here are some quick and powerful beauty tips which will make your skin look 10 years younger!

The older I get the more I realize how MANY MISTAKES most of us make in our skincare routines. So, if you want to have younger-looking skin and wipe years from your face, you have to understand how your skin works and what to do, to easily reverse your age…

So, in this article, let’s go over the 5 most important skincare tips.

1. Clean your skin twice daily and if possible, don’t use face wash in the morning.

A microfiber towel is more than enough for me. I only use face wash in the morning if I applied lots of products in the evening.

In this case, I clean my face with a very light cream wash or milk.

I don’t recommend washing your face any more than that because your skin may become irritated, begin to produce more fat, form zits, or even get dermatitis.

2. Reduce your sugar intake.

My daily sugar intake is usually very low. But there are days when I eat a few pieces of cake, some pie, or a cookie, which is when my skin starts acting out.

The next day, I begin to feel painful acne forming underneath my skin.

The more sweets I have, the more tired and irritated my skin looks.

I don’t want to preach anything or talk about diets but if you’re constantly worried about your skin, try to reduce your sugar intake for just a few weeks and see the results for yourself.

3. Know your skin’s limits

I would often ignore this tip: I would apply products just as recommended by the manufacturer and rarely paid any attention to how my skin reacted.

Here’s the lesson I learned – no matter what dermatologists or influencers say to you, it’s extremely important to monitor your skin and react to the signals it’s sending you.

For example, my skin can tolerate vitamin C, retinol, and various acids 2-3 times per week, but I have a friend whose skin always gets dry and tired from acids.

Peptides, acids, nicotinamide, antioxidants are all active ingredients that should always be integrated into your routine gradually.

In previous “Chocolate4Soul” articles, I’ve written about my favorite products, the ingredients of which I always carefully evaluate and make sure are suitable for my skin. Sometimes, I recommend certain products for other skin types but then these recommendations are based on ingredients and not personal experience.

For example, I love Ordinary products but they are active and aggressive. Personally, I think that those who can use them are lucky because the ingredients are very clear and effective. Unfortunately, these products aren’t for everyone. Sometimes, you just need to gradually get your skin used to them but sometimes, you need to quit using them altogether.

I used to love Timeless serums but I’ve recently become quite disappointed in them. The vitamin C serum oxidizes very quickly, which means that either some ingredients have changed, or I got an expired product.

So, feel free to trust products but always be sure to analyze your skin and occasionally check if the manufacturer has changed the formula or not. At first, all of this might seem very tricky but just give it some time and you’ll realize that it’s all very simple – especially when you listen to your skin.

4. Clearly identify the problem you want to solve first.

Before purchasing and using a product, find out which of your problems is the most annoying and pressing. Identify your goal and systematically move towards it.

These days, there are plenty of products that do “everything” but I personally only trust products that solve 2-3 problems at a time. This means that I don’t expect my bottle of vitamin C to be both an antioxidant and a moisturizer in one.

For now, my main focus is on getting glowing, firm skin with quick regeneration.

If I had acne, I’d have to rethink the problem I want to solve first. If my main concern was scarring or pigmentation, my routine would once again be different.

If you like to apply several products or serums at once, I suggest you apply the one with the most important effect for you. Each additional product you use can push your skin further toward its limit, where it gets irritated and tired, resulting in little benefit.

5. Here’s my last tip for you: if you want to have beautiful, glowing, and long-lasting skin, remember to massage it.

A good massage will make your skin recover, improve your blood circulation, and ensure much more efficient absorption of serums and other active ingredients.

For many years, I gave myself massages. For nearly 5 years, I did the Tanaka massage every morning, which was perfect for boosting my lymphatic system, blood circulation, and activating my muscles. However, I eventually had to give it up. This was because my lifestyle had completely changed: I returned to Lithuania and became very busy with work. It’s best to do the Tanaka massage with oils, but they make your hair and skin greasy, which makes it harder to apply makeup.

However, if you really want to learn a good self-massage technique, feel free to look up the Tanaka massage on YouTube.

I personally believe that my skin needs to “move and exercise” – just like my body does, which is why I use my favorite nephrite jade face roller every day.

I fell in love with it after my very first session and the results were clear from the beginning. Ever since I started using the face roller, my breakouts have become much less frequent and my skin has become beautiful and glowing.

In the morning, I massage my face with the roller for 3 minutes to improve my blood circulation (for glowing and bright skin) and boost my lymphatic system (to prevent acne). In the evening, I pamper my face with the roller to relax my muscles and ensure better serum and cream absorption.

I’m delighted to say that you can find my favorite skincare tool at the “Chocolate4Soul” store – I sincerely recommend trying it out!

Our roller is made of high-quality jade and I can say with certainty that the cheap glass rollers you’ll find on Amazon are really no match for it.


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