If you want to FEEL ORGASM, this is the most important article you will ever find!

by Ruta B.

Honey, you should read this article if you want to bring back health, sensitivity, and pleasure to your feminine area … You will be introduced to 3 unbelievably simple SECRETS that will help you reach this goal in the easiest and fastest way!

In other words, if you want to feel orgasm, this is the most important article you will ever find!

Therefore, today we’d like to talk about sexual health.

It may seem as not the most pleasant topic to discuss among women, but these days it’s quite relevant and necessary.

You’re probably a wonderful woman who’s taking care of her appearance and facial skin. To keep your facial skin beautiful, young, and elastic, you should constantly nourish, scrub, massage, and moisturize it with facial creams. That goes without asking a few questions:

And what’s going on with your intimate area?

How much attention and care does it get? Why is your intimate area neglected?

It’s also a part of your body covered with a thin and sensitive skin … It is also a muscle that we have to take care of.

Maybe it does not matter to you because it’s not visible? But what would you say if you knew this fact:

All what is happening with your intimate area is reflected on your face and eyes!

Would you probably want to give yourself some more attention?

It’s time to look at the statistics and realize that women who love their bodies are familiar with it and feel the pleasure when making love to a man; they are also much more attractive and healthier.

There is quite a number of articles on this topic, and the statistics that you can find online may surprise you.

The truth is that your intimate area also needs your attention.

If it doesn’t get it, you might become ill or age sooner. So, we suggest you don’t waste any more time and start taking care of your intimate area just the way you care about the rest of your body and your facial skin.

Let’s discuss what you can do today to bring life and health to your intimate area.

Just think about it: If you have a plant at home, you’re taking care of it. You’re probably speaking to it, stroking it, and watering it … Please ask yourself, are you treating your body in the same way?

Why is your intimate area worth less than a flower or a beloved plant?

It’s completely not our fault that our mothers taught us to ignore our intimate area.

Most of us did not receive the proper ‘education’ on how to treat your sexual area and how to take care of it properly.

However, we live in a different and better time now: lots of amazing information can reach us, which helps us glow and enjoy life much more than our mothers ever could.

Your eyes reflect your intimate area. If a woman’s intimate area is ‘dead,’ her eyes are not shining and the woman loses half of her beauty.

If you haven’t made love in a long time, you haven’t paid attention to yourself, your blood circulation is ‘paused,’ your body is not filled with vital energy, your skin becomes greyish, and you do not emit any charming feminine vibrations.

And you can easily change this if you spend as little as 5 minutes per day with your intimate area.

You do know that good blood circulation is very important. Blood brings vital substances, oxygen, and vitamins into each cell, so it would be unreasonable to ignore your feminine area and not to take care of it.

Let’s FORGET everything our mothers told us about our intimate area and realize that it’s a very important female body part, and its vitality has a great impact on a woman’s life quality.

Most of the women do not dare to start doing the intimate area practices or wear the Magical Jade Egg, as they’re afraid they won’t know what to do with their awakened body and sexuality.


We’d like to emphasize: If you’re doing sexual practices or wearing the Jade egg, it does not mean at all that you’ll want to have sex all day long. It just creates a wonderful feminine state which helps you spend another joyful day of your life.

The feminine power and energy is ‘hiding’ behind a door which you can ‘knock’ and talk them into ‘coming out’ to help you look better as well as feel better and to maintain a good relationship with your husband.

Let’s talk about 3 ways of ‘knocking’ that secret feminine door and feeling the feminine energy.


  • THE SECRET is Kegel exercises

You can better understand the contractions of your intimate area if you try to remember a toy from your childhood—a spinning top. Do you remember how you used to pull it just a little and then it would not stop spinning?

Commit to doing it daily. Do not jump out of bed in the morning. You’re a woman, after all. The family climate and its mood depend on you. You can work miracles!

As soon as you wake up, charge yourself with vital energy by doing 50 Kegel exercises.

Try to imagine that it is a flower blossom which you open and close inside of you. Your mood and blood flow will improve, and you will be energized for the whole day.

The contractions of the intimate area are just a habit that is worth getting into. You can start from 20 contractions per day.

The greatest motivation to continue will be your inner state.

It might be hard to get into this habit at first, and you’ll have to watch yourself, and you’ll need some discipline, but as soon as you realize that feeling your body and your feminine area is really fun, you’ll start doing this automatically …

A woman who performs these short exercises starts to glow and blossom. She also starts spreading mysterious pheromones that men cannot resist.

Here’s a QUICK TEST which will help you decide if it’s time for you to start doing Kegel exercises:

  • If men are not looking at you when you're walking down the street, it means you have to start doing Kegel exercises or start wearing the magical Nephrite egg.
  • If your own or any other man does not pay attention to you, it means that you do not spread those magical pheromones, and your sexual health is not at its finest.
  • Often other feminine illnesses remind us about the neglected feminine area (e.g., endometriosis, inflammation, etc.).


  • THE SECRET is external care of this area

It is very important to care for the skin of your intimate area—to keep it clean, fragrant, and gentle.

At least once a week, use a mild scrub for your genital skin; then gently massage it with or simply apply coconut oil.

Feel your body—your intimate area and the heat that flows from it.

And while you’re taking a shower in the evening, do not ‘automatically’ or subconsciously touch yourself …

Massage your intimate area gently, and if you dare to do it, you’ll start feeling the blood flowing to our feminine area while bringing pleasure and sensuality.


  • THE SECRET - getting to know your intimate area and saying hello to your secret G spot

If you want to have more joy in life, you will have to get to know your G spot. Women have known about it for ages. In the world of ancient Tantra, the G spot was called the Star.

And there’s nothing complicated about it. However, we have to fight the ideas that our grandmothers and mothers have drilled into our heads. At first, it may cause a discomfort. But there is no other way …

If you want to bring back sensuality to your life, to be attractive again and to have amazing orgasms, you have to do this …

A woman has to befriend her intimate area (to touch it, to take a good look at it, and fall in love with it) first, and only after that will her life be complete.

Therefore, we suggest you accept this information in a calm and open manner. There’s no need to get dramatic; you just have to overcome your mind and take a mirror and explore yourself. It’s a date with yourself.

If you still feel too shy to do it, we have created a wonderful practice for befriending your body, which you will find in the set of sexual practices “The Magic of Sexuality.

This practice will be a special tool which will help you maintain your sexuality, beauty, and healthy intimate area for years.

The next step is getting to know your G spot!

The truth is this: if a woman cannot relax when she's in bed, if she hasn't befriended her intimate area, hasn't awakened her sexual energy, has a lot of fears, feels ashamed or guilty, then even the best lover won't be able to satisfy such a woman.

The fact is this: whatever your loved one does, you will only feel as much as you let yourself to.

And if your feminine area is insensitive and tense, you can't expect anything.

Certainly, men should be learning about sex just as much as women.

However ...

If you feel almost nothing in your vagina when you make love, or you feel this ‘thing’ inside of you which doesn't give you any pleasure, even the best lover in the world won't be able to change that.

Women are so afraid of disappointing men; they cannot tell them the truth of how they really feel, and therefore, they continue to keep it to themselves, to suffer through it, to lie, and to fake it.

According to statistics, more than 70% of women have never experienced a real orgasm. They're satisfied with the clitoral orgasm, which only lasts a few seconds, and they think this is the best they can expect.

After experiencing much deeper feelings, a woman's life changes completely. She starts to glow as if she were in love; she starts to blossom and becomes much more beautiful and feminine.

Honey, if you want to feel the pleasure when making love to your husband ... if you want your intimate area to be healthy and full of life, we have a fantastic tool.

The most important thing that you can do about yourself is to learn how to AWAKEN YOUR INTIMATE AREA.

It will RADICALLY transform your sex life and introduce you to wonderful things.

This will help you trust your sexuality, love your body and have a greater sexual desire.

Life constantly keeps moving forward, and today you have to make a choice that is most appropriate for you. You have to decide whether you want to go slow and say hi to your sexuality once a week or to take the bull by the horns as a persistent and brave woman and prove to yourself to the universe and life that you're brave enough to take from life everything that belongs to you.

And if you're still doubting why you should use the above-mentioned methods, let us remind you a few things that are relevant to most women but are often forgotten:


  • Treatment is very expensive and time-consuming these days, so it makes much more sense to prevent the feminine illnesses.
  • A woman who is not working on her intimate area does not know what an orgasm is.
  • To experience unforgettable orgasms and make your husband feel like a hero, you have to awaken your body and to free it from false beliefs.
  • You'll give yourself a chance to become a wonderful lover because the best lover is the woman who enjoys herself and knows her body well.
  • When fall in love with your feminine area and learn how to care for it, you'll gain some very important experience which you can pass on to your daughters. Most young women go through life not knowing their intimate area, and they are disappointed when they feel only pain and no pleasure with their partners in the first years. Therefore, it's very valuable to learn how to care for your intimate zone as well as teach other young women how to treat their wonderful body.
  • A woman who cares for her intimate area will not be sharing herself easily; she will have respect for her body.

Thank you for reading this article, dear. Do not miss a day.

Scrub your intimate area today and gently massage it with coconut oil and enjoy yourself for a moment.

And if you feel that you're ready for the next step, learn more about Nephrite Egg



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