How To Make Him Think of You And Only You (THE 4 SECRETS)

by Ruta B.

This article contains proven manipulative tricks, the secrets to the art of seduction, episodes from the lives of Hollywood models and millionaires, and other juicy details … Let’s leave out all the soul and karma stuff out of it and just have fun.

As women, we have always dreamed of being the one and only. We are extremely pleased when men shower us with attention or otherwise make an effort to make us feel charming and special.

Unfortunately, not every woman is familiar with these feelings.

The good news is that most of us can easily achieve this but, unfortunately, do not know how.

We will soon find out the characteristics of women that men make an effort for, and we’ll also talk about why some men will never make an effort for us irrespective of what we do.

P. S. If you’re not interested in some cheap, manipulative tricks and intriguing details of the Hollywood or model life, you can just skip this part and start reading from the penultimate chapter titled “NEXT level games.”

This article is meant for you if:

  • you're lonely, and you're worried that you're going to stay this way, as men just keep disappearing from your life. After reading this article, you will learn how to change this situation;
  • there's a man in your circle whose attention you've been craving for quite some time. The methods described in this article will help you get him interested much sooner than you could imagine;
  • you've been married or living with your partner for a long time, and you're frustrated that you're invisible and unappreciated.

So, if you find yourself in such or a similar situation, you can relax because you will soon learn some great tips—and you can modify it whenever you want.

This article contains everything.

  • First of all, we'll discuss the unpleasant part because you will have to understand that you're making a lot of mistakes while dealing with men, and this is simply because you do not know that the male and female brain hemispheres work differently.
  • Then we'll talk about some very simple but very effective ‘buttons’ that you can use while communicating with an existing or future partner.
  • Later, we'll move to the most important part of the article—we'll find out how a woman should act when she's tired of being a victim as well as tired of men that keep disappearing or are not making any efforts or are just couch potato husbands.

The ‘buttons’ that we’re going to discuss can drive any man crazy. It is, therefore, crucial for us, women, to know them.

The manipulative tricks, when applied correctly (and with good intentions), help us better understand men, get the love and attention that we crave, and at the same time, the men also experience great moments and emotions.

So, don’t be shy; start learning with pleasure and excitement.


Women who hate and do not love men should not read this article. They won’t like it!

So, if you’re already upset (while reading the article’s introduction or headline), it’s best to immediately close this page because what you’ll read next will surely make you lose your patience, and you will start making abusive comments.

Sure, you can open up to us entirely but just have in mind that a lot of people will have a chance to see that your inner world is poor and repulsive. But it’s up to you to decide…

The sad part is that sooner or later, you will have to change and clean up your mess since this is the real reason why there’s no man or great friends beside you, neither is there someone who would like to share a life with you!

Personal experience:

By no means do I call myself an expert on relationships, but I think I can speak about men because I have spent half my life on the catwalk, earning money and socializing with men from different social classes.

I’ve been traveling through different cities and continents, and I, therefore, had to find a way to get what I want quickly.

So, first of all, we will discuss how you can quickly seduce men and get what you want—aside from sex and other things that women find unpleasant.

I think the universe knew that the path of my life would be very colorful and fun, and it gave me some specific qualities, which every one of us has but just need to be awakened and strengthened.

  • What do you think a 21-year-old woman would do when she has flown across the Atlantic with two suitcases—on her way to Hollywood—and then realized that there is no promised model agency, and she has 600 dollars left in her pocket, which is not even enough for a ticket to get back?
  • Or what would you do when a taxi driver steals your wallet when traveling in Africa? You have to find a solution somehow ...
  • What would you do when nobody wants to hire you in Los Angeles because you do not have any legal documents, and the money is almost gone?

I have solved all these and other problems with the help of men (because they’re strong, persistent, and they can solve the problems that seem impossible for me to deal with).

I don’t feel bad about this because life has taken me to places where I was forced to deal with difficult situations and act quickly and efficiently.

I would continuously improve my knowledge and test it with men of different national and social backgrounds.

So, first of all, let me share some cheap and well-known tricks that will never disappoint you when you want to influence men quickly and effectively:

  • Secret #1: Becoming interested in a man and his life

No matter what my goal was, the beginning was always the same (i.e., all the conversations were about HIM). Well, at least 80%. I used to listen carefully to him, and I occasionally admired him, which was enough for a man to feel good about himself and make him want to do something for me.

Most of the women think that the No. 1 ‘button’ is sex. Unfortunately, it’s not!

Sex is the worst ‘button,’ and it should not be used if you want to become a special woman that men would want to make an effort for.

Did you know that when a man makes love to a woman and ejaculates, his energy and attention—which were directed to the woman just a second ago—go away, and he wants to pull away and do other stuff?

We need to remember that we, as women, are completely different. Sexual relations to us mean intimacy, attachment, and opening up …

The sad news is that a man will not become attached to a woman after making love to her, and he will not want to make extra efforts for her …

He will want more sex at best, but this way, we will distant ourselves from our needs and feminine nature. It is, therefore, better to refrain from sex in the beginning of a relationship—since it contains very strong energy which mixes everything up and takes away our power (if we’re using it wrongly).

You can use sex for other purposes (such as for intimate connection, pleasure, healing your childhood traumas, etc.) but in no way can you keep a man interested through sex.

In order to successfully ‘manipulate’ men, a woman must take care of herself and be able to spread her sexual energy (with the help of the Nephrite Egg).

Better yet, a woman could learn to make sex a promise that she wouldn’t be in a rush to fulfill.

When I was eighteen, a modeling agency ‘Look Models Agency’ offered me a job.

When I went to Austria, I met the owner of the agency, who was driving an impressive car. The rules were simple back then: if you were successful enough to become your boss’s pet, you would have more modeling jobs.

I immediately opted out of sleeping with him and started applying my own system—which has given me positive results for years.

The owner of the agency would come and get me from across the city of Vienna, take me to the auditions, and then we would sit in cafes where he would tell me about his life achievements—and I would carefully listen.

After a few weeks, when there was almost nothing left to talk about—and things had started turning toward the bedroom—I had become quite well-established in the agency, so I stayed for a couple more months.

When I later saw that the pressure for sex was getting overwhelming, I dropped everything and left for Los Angeles.

I could tell you a hundred stories like this, but for now, I just want to say that a woman who is rushing into sleeping with men is not desirable, so drop this strategy right away!

Trust me, men need to be recognized and listened to, and when they find a woman who listens to them, they can do anything for her.

Even most of the millionaires (and I met lots of them) have told me that their women are dissatisfied and only interested in themselves … They criticize men a lot, and most of them never learn what a true relationship between a man and a woman is, but we’ll talk about this in other ‘’ article.

When I first went on holiday with the Los Angeles celebrities, I was afraid they would push me away when they realized that I’m just a simple Soviet girl trying to find my happiness. I was really worried how I’d survive the whole week …

Not knowing what else to do or talk about, I didn’t do anything else except keenly listening to other people and paying attention to them.

A few days later, there would be so many men around me that they would secretly compete over who comes to me first.

  • Secret #2: A woman should be playful and natural

The good girls trying to make an impression are so boring.

I admire women who are charismatic, disobeying the rules and taking control of their lives. A woman who is showing her kindness and losing herself is utterly boring to a man.

Be sure to act as natural as you can. You will be surprised that you can remain yourself even better while interested in a man.

I would always be myself—I would never try to be too kind, intellectual, helpful or make an impression in any other way …

I wouldn’t try showing my kind and feminine side. I was once quite a ‘RocknRolla.’

I would have an occasional shot of tequila, and I was never hiding it.

Yes, it’s me : )

I would have an occasional shot of tequila, and I was never hiding it.

I would carry a small flask; I had a couple of tattoos; I was learning to drive a motorcycle, and I was wearing aggressive outfits. It helped me look cool and kept my identity.

There was a time when I loved hiking in Los Angeles, and I couldn’t stand sitting in cafes. I would, therefore, invite men to join my adventures.

I would include them in my life, show them the places I like to go to, introduce them to the activities that fascinate me.

From the very first moment, I would gently tell them that I have a personality, and I’m planning on keeping it.

I try to continue doing this. I know what I like, what I want to do, and pleasing my husband and children is not my priority.

Men (and everyone else) like it when a woman can laugh, act surprised, and express her emotions in other ways.

Therefore, acting extremely serious and smart is very unfeminine. Do not do this! After all, it is much more pleasant to be with people who are happy.

Most of the women live boring lives—house, job, shop, house …

You wouldn’t want such a life; it’s not very interesting, and it’s damaging. A 40-year-old woman constantly talking about food, child illnesses, etc., can easily push a man away (and she will never be a dream woman).

An exception: There are some exclusive couples who actually enjoy raising children.

For example, a woman stays at home raising children, and her husband is constantly interested in how she spends time with children. If both partners feel good, there’s no need to change anything, but if one of them starts to feel dissatisfied, the situation must immediately change, and they need to change their attitude toward life and look at it in a more playful way.

A woman must learn to create a much more interesting and colorful space around her. It’s best to start with your inner world.

After doing the feminine practice, a woman starts to feel that she’s worth much better things in life than this daily routine, and she then becomes unstoppable.

  • Secret #3: A woman who is busy and in love with her life

Find a hobby and pursue it but by no means pretend that you like something. A man can feel if a woman only pretends to be hard to get while she actually sits at home, worries and keeps waiting for his call.

In the energetic world, these things are easily recognized, so don’t lean on him as the only option for you to spend your free time and don’t start waiting for him when the date is not over yet.

The same goes for long-term relationships. Women imagine that their husbands and children are all that they care about. They neither have their best interests at heart nor do they have money, and they become too dependent on men, and then it becomes quite hard for them to position themselves as desirable women.

Show your husband that you are also a goal-seeking woman. It will make things better for you as well.

Most of the men indeed like women who are persistent and trying to reach their goals.

Then their subconscious tells them that they can achieve a lot while being with such a woman.

Men are results-oriented. Therefore, if you’re so active, it sends them a signal that together, you can reach common goals.

If you’re in a long-term or short-term relationship, and you’re able to convince a man that he can achieve anything while he’s with you, he will see you as a very valuable and special woman.

I think my husband will almost never miss a chance to spend time with me or have dinner together because we work on staying interested in each other …

It happens very rarely, but still, sometimes there are some doubts.

I sometimes become very angry with all my family members who do not appreciate everything I do for them …

Sometimes I want them to do something for me as well …

I’m not playing the old games anymore—like running away, texting my ‘exes’—and I do not cause tension or anger.

I just immerse myself into my inner world. I become busier, I go to the gym in the evenings, and I create a deficit of me so that my loved ones would make an effort to spend time with me.


Sometimes women upload their pictures to social networks and try to show men that they must be conquered, etc.

From my experience, I can tell you these cheap tricks rarely work with men. They know that life is full of challenges, and they subconsciously look for a woman who is sincere and strong in a feminine way …

They sometimes do not even realize that deep down inside, they know that if they start a relationship with a drama queen, it will be really hard to live with her in peace and harmony. (So if you accept such a challenge, at least make it half-true.)

  • Secret #4: Strong relationship with a man's EGO

A woman who is in a long-term or short-term relationship must befriend a man’s ego.

What is an ego?

This is man’s self-esteem. Every self-respected woman must realize that a man’s ego is an overblown matter. Naturally, a man is very sensitive to insults and criticism.

Most of the psychological literature states that the biggest pain that a woman can cause a man is the public humiliation of his ego.

Therefore, a woman who wants to stay in a man’s life must remember that she shouldn’t make fun of him, interrupt him in public, or make fun of him in any other way …


The women who act like this most probably will never have a beautiful relationship because they keep blowing off a man’s candle just to strengthen the fire of their own. And that is very ugly and wrong.

A woman who encourages her man and treats him in a sensitive way is a real diamond.

A man is ready to make efforts and fight for such a woman.

Thus, the appearance and body language attracts a man, and embracing his ego makes you feel loved and irreplaceable for life.

The journalists that were interviewing me kept asking how I managed to seduce a millionaire that I was married to in Los Angeles.

My biggest secret is that I listened to him, and I respected his ego.

I was his best friend. He would feel much stronger while attending business or personal meetings with me than without me …

I was his loyal supporter and friend. Unfortunately, he was too old for me, so our needs were incompatible. I was seeking for true love and a deep, long-term relationship.

I really like men. Over the years, I have learned that men can pretend to be superheroes, machos, etc., but actually, there’s a little boy in each of them, who needs support, is really happy when a woman laughs at his stories and enjoys the time spent together …

If you learn to accept his weaknesses and sensitive side and help him feel stronger, he will forever love you.

Next level games … or a life without games …

So, now that we’ve talked about short and effective tricks that will surely help you become a desirable woman, let’s move on to the next level and discuss the qualities of a woman who is so WOW and so VIP that she does not need to play any games.

It’s a woman working on her inner world and femininity.

Such a woman is precious on her own; a man loves and adores her and makes an effort to keep her with him and feel loved.

There is no other way!

You need to attain the level of a worthy woman, and to reveal the quality and beauty within you, you have to work for it. Get rid of the internal rubbish, work on your attitude, care for your energetics, learn some communication secrets, etc.

A worthy woman can get rid of a man’s fears and support him when he hits a rocky road. A woman who works on her inner world knows that it makes no sense to accuse someone else of her problems; she must always ask herself how she got into that situation.

After all, you must have noticed that bitter women attract bitter men, tired women attract men that exploit them even the more (or in exceptional cases, comfort them), masculine women attract feminine men, etc.

And playful, successful and feminine women attract ‘supermen’ or help their men to become ‘supermen.’

So, if you can attain the next level, there’s going to be plenty of men in your life (and if you already have a man, he will become much more attentive and loving, and you won’t have to play any games).

You will understand deep down in your heart that you’re a worthy and valuable woman, and you don’t have to cling to a man; it is him that must work hard for you because you are the diamond in his life (as soon as you start thinking in line with this practice, the situation will change).

A woman who is self-confident is sending a very clear signal to a man:

You have to make an effort for this woman since there’s always going to be other men that might need this wonderful woman.

Usually, women think that they need to compete with other ladies, to dress nicer, to show more, etc., but it’s not really worth investing in, as these things neither bring any long-term benefits nor self-confidence.

It’s better to invest more time in finding what makes us happy.

Now I have a beloved husband, and we have been in a relationship for many years. At this point, I have no doubt that I do not need to prove anything (but life is dynamic, and everything might change very quickly, so I never take things for granted …).

I have no doubt that he knows he’s stronger when he’s with me; he has less fears, and he’s more self-confident. My husband knows that he has a woman beside him that can help his dreams come true. I am both a friend and a lover and a business partner. We have many ways of being together and supporting each other.

I know that only a few have what I have. However, everyone can live in harmony with themselves and have a man next to them—a man who loves, supports, and cherishes them. Unfortunately, most women simply do not believe that it is possible to improve on existing relationships and be happier.

You might already have had children together; you’re in a commitment, etc. Yes, he’ll probably be with you, but you actually know that your relationship has gone cold …

All these notwithstanding, you can actually have a much sincerer relationship. It all begins with your interest, smile, and desire …


Perhaps you might argue: “Why must it be us to make a man’s life happy and fun and not vice versa?”

Certainly, they must do this as well, but if we just sit and wait for someone else to start doing something, our life may just pass us by.

Therefore, our duty as women is to take care of ourselves and our inner state. Yes, sometimes men really bring us down, but it’s not worth giving up.

Sometimes he will not have another option: either rise with you or say goodbye. So it’s really worth it to work on your inner self.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

I worked on myself and waited for him to realize this, but he was a completely different person. Over the years, I’ve completely changed; we had different attitudes, and it was really easy for us to pull back from each other and separate. So you don’t have to be afraid of this as well.

Finally, let’s calm some women down—those who are making an effort for their husbands, but they do not even lift a finger for them.

Can all men fight for women?

Are you a wonderful woman, and you work on yourself, but your man does not appreciate your effort and does nothing for you? This may be because he is just a different kind of man, and this has nothing to do with you.

Just relax and do not criticize yourself in any way. We have discussed just a few things in the article; every person is different, and you cannot judge them all the same.

For example, I have met such men that were genuinely in love with me, but they didn’t even try to pursue me because they neither had the strength nor inner resources for it. Some of them were really afraid of being rejected, and they didn’t even try.

Here’s another example: My daughter’s father had agreed that we both go our separate ways and that I would continue my life without him. When I decided to end this long-term relationship, he didn’t resist at all and didn’t even try to fight for me (which was very unpleasant).

Another great example is my overseas adventure.

I was once dating the owner of a casino in the Bahamas. I was a waitress on a cruise ship at the time, and I would see him a couple of times a week.

One day, he asked me to stay, but I refused and went back to the ship. This man later went ahead to stop a cruise ship with his yacht, paid a great fine and asked me to stay. I don’t actually think I was very special to him; he just really loved the adrenaline …

So, there are all sorts of men, and you don’t have to worry about it.

Everyone one of them has some kind of childhood wounds and beliefs—some of them play the games of conquering women; others are afraid of pursuing a woman since their parents told them that they’re losers, etc.


There’s one more wonderful and rare quality of a woman that we can all awaken within ourselves.

When communicating with a person, be completely sincere. You can apply this strategy to children, grandparents, parents, and loved ones.

As soon as I feel the routine in our relationship, I perform this invisible action inside of me, which is revealed on the outside and brings all of us a lot of pleasant moments.

In my heart, I pretend that this is our last meeting.

This means that I talk to my loved ones with all my heart as if I were seeing them for the very last time in my life. As soon as I create this state in my heart, I become so loving and so attentive that being with me seems like heaven.

How to apply this secret if you are just starting a relationship?

Imagine that a man comes to your life, and you do not know how long he would stay with you—an hour, a day, a week … Immerse yourself in the knowledge of being together with all your heart. In the beginning of a relationship, it is very important not to think about the future, where this is all going, etc.

Remember that during your date, you just have to enjoy this man, his stories, his touch, his smile, and the time spent together. A woman who can create such an environment around her is a real jewel; therefore, men admire her a lot.

So, if you’re dating now, just remember that you’re a woman who enjoys a date with a man as if it were their last meeting.

A man feels all the scents and colors of life when he’s with such a woman …

A woman who’s capable of enjoying every moment in life is very rare, so when men find such a woman, they cannot resist her. But in order to experience this, you have to work with yourself, gain some ‘lightness,’ self-confidence and some other features that we talked about in this article.

Start your journey to your inner self and femininity today, and you will see that in a few weeks, your life will start to change…

So the real mission of the ‘Chocolate4Soul’ project is to help you become the TOP woman, to separate yourself from this poor woman who’s constantly psychologically and physically ill, who finds herself in the role of a victim, cannot live without a man and is constantly threatened by the fears of the future or the past..

If you do not work on yourself, the relationship won’t get any better, and your man will not want to conquer you. Nobody wants to pursue a woman who’s poor, who needs to be saved and who needs a man to feel happy.

That’s why we prepared the amazing tools that you can use today!!

Ruta, Chocolate Soul

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