[article] How to prevent WRINKLES and improve ELASTICITY without fillers? (9 discoveries!)

by Ruta B.

If you’re getting irritated by your aging and flabby skin and looking in the mirror makes you think that it’s time to start taking action, but you’re not sure where to start, then this article will be a true discovery for you.

Or maybe this subject has been bothering you for a while now and you’ve already tried out one or two firming creams but know deep down that they won’t solve your problem?TR

No worries! In a few minutes, you’ll know all of my secrets to firm skin.

It took me quite a while to figure them out.

There’s tons of information available, but it’s extremely difficult to tell what works and what doesn’t. As much as I love skincare products and makeup, I can say with certainty that there are more lies in the beauty industry than in any other.

Want to know why?

Because of the importance of beauty these days, manufacturers are well aware of the main problems we suffer from and use emotional appeals in almost every description of products or procedures. And we keep falling for them.

For example, I am strictly against plastic surgeries and fillers, but yesterday, after reading more on this subject, I started to change my mind.

Maybe now is the time to find a doctor to trust my skin with and give me a few botox treatments, I began thinking after reading some advertisements on fillers.

After all, it may soon be too late – my inner voice kept repeating the sentences I’d read online.

Think about it, how many times have you bought anti-aging creams promising that you’ll stay young because anything else seemed too sad to imagine? After having these thoughts, I closed my laptop. I was perfectly aware that people who wrote these descriptions had very clear intentions.

They know how to mess with our minds and make it almost impossible to resist.

I could assure you that you’d have many different thoughts if you spoke with a wise Korean or Japanese woman. She would frown upon the idea of fillers and would show you a picture of her grandmother, who had perfect skin until she was 80 and nurtured it using completely different methods.

Let’s agree that skincare is nothing more than advertising, culture, and it much depends on attitude.

Oh, the life of a woman.

The constant fear of aging, losing your charm and beauty.

Manufacturers are aware of this and make great use of it. With this short story, I wanted to point out that not everything that we read and see is true. Before making any decisions, always make sure to think carefully and not jump to any conclusions.

Just like you, I want to maintain my beauty and youth for as long as possible and am constantly searching for honest and effective tips from all over the world.

Today, I will share with you my discoveries that I have been collecting and testing for many years.

You’ve probably already heard many of the things I will mention. My goal is not to tell you something new – it’s to help you get a clear picture of what methods and tools are effective in maintaining youthful skin and to distinguish them from the massive pool of information you’re probably lost in.

Here’s a short story…

My skin revealed its first signs of aging when I was 25.

I enjoyed sipping on wine and laying in the sun, so it’s no surprise that my skin was “decorated” with pigment spots, became dry, developed pretty deep wrinkles around my lips, and was extremely thin under my eyes.

This was when I enrolled in a beauty school in Los Angeles and began to learn the secrets of skincare from an old Thai woman. I was very fortunate that my first teacher was Asian.

Women from these countries certainly don’t hurry to get fillers or operations.

Our teacher often talked about how her mother taught her about skincare when she was still very young. I liked her philosophy very much and studied it a lot.

My first goal was to revive my tired and flabby skin.

My second goal was to take action as soon as possible to ensure that when the time comes, I look as good as the 80-year-old Korean grandmother in the picture.

In my skincare routine, I combine Western technologies with Eastern secrets and am very happy with the results.

It’s been 17 years since the day that I truly started to care for my skin, and I can say with certainty that it now looks even better than it did 17 years ago.

Of course, the passage of time changes our appearance as well as our attitude toward certain matters. Still, from my own experience, I can say that the way that we treat ourselves and the way we act every day has the most significant influence on our well-being and appearance.

Whatever condition your skin is in today, you can always improve it. As I mentioned, in these times of such substantial technological advancement and the abundance of information and products available, it would simply be a crime not to take care of yourself.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you go crazy.

The most beautiful woman is the one who loves herself, accepts the changes in her body, and begins each new year with excitement. But let’s leave the subject of self-acceptance and inner glow to another Sokoladas Sielai article. Now, let’s jump back into the issues of flabby skin.

Love what you have, but don’t neglect yourself, either. Always stay in balance.

The key to good skin is collagen!

To improve our skin, we first need to understand why it gets old and flabby. This is where collagen comes in. Collagen is one of the most important things you should care about. Everything else is just the result of factors we can’t do much about.

The word “collagen” comes from the Greek word for “glue.”

This means that it’s responsible for keeping everything in place. Wikipedia says that collagen is a protein that begins to decline once people reach the age of 25.

This is when we begin to experience unpleasant changes in our skin:

✘ It loses its firmness, elasticity, and smoothness.

✘ It gets dehydrated, forms small to large wrinkles, and becomes flabby.

Let’s not try to understand collagen with complicated terms. Think about it as a spring mattress. The springs are collagen and elastin, and the filling in between them is hydration. To ensure that our mattress is firm and strong, it’s not the surface we need to take care of but the springs.

After all, if the springs become deformed and weak, the mattress loses its firmness and resistance. Squeezing the mattress will form bumps and prevent it from returning to its previous beauty.

It quickly becomes stretched out and wrinkly, right?

Another good metaphor for collagen is a net.

As soon as collagen declines, the ropes holding together the net will wear out, the knots will break loose, and no matter what you cover it up with, the bumps will still be visible.

So now you understand why you need to focus on collagen and not on firming cream when it comes to reviving your aging skin.

Here are 9 simple but effective steps:


–1– Sunscreen is a MUST for any time of the year.

Before talking about how to improve our skin, we first need to talk about how not to worsen it.

The first thing I’d like you to pay attention to is sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays stimulate free radicals, which damage collagen, elastin, and skin cells.

This causes premature aging of the skin, the formation of wrinkles, and dark spots.

I don’t want to sound moralizing but take a look at any spot of your body that’s usually hidden from the sun and compare it to the parts of your skin that are always “enjoying” the sunlight.

For example, the skin on my stomach, thighs, and chest is very smooth and soft. But my hands are a completely different story. They’re full of spots and moles, and the skin feels much different and thicker. Once, I was walking from the store carrying bags, and the handles left marks on my hands that wouldn’t disappear for half the day.

What do you think this means? That’s right, lack of collagen.

For the past ten years, I’ve been wearing sunscreen all the time, no matter if it’s sunny or rainy outside. I recommend buying at least one skincare product with at least 30 SPF.

I currently use “MAKEP: REM UV Defense Me Blue Ray Sun Cream. “ This is one of the few sunscreens that work perfectly without irritating my skin.


–2– Nutrition.

I would love to persuade you to eat healthier, but I know that’s not always possible. Just remember that clean eating does wonders. Well, I hope you become interested in nutrition at some point.

For now, I’d like to encourage you to reduce your sugar intake because it has a massive influence on collagen production.


–3– Vitamin C serum.

This vitamin is involved in almost all collagen production processes, which is why it’s so important. I recommend buying a high-quality vitamin C serum and incorporating it into your daily skincare routine.

Vitamin C serums are also great because they give your face some extra glow. But don’t expect any quick and drastic results. This is a time-tested product that may not seem impressive at first, but it does slowly and effectively promote collagen production.

I’m currently using “Timeless Skin Care – 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum 1 oz“.


–4– Retinol

This is another time-tested ingredient that helps us keep our skin glowing and youthful. Retinol is the basis for all functions of our skin cells. It focuses on the nucleus of the cell and promotes regeneration.

The effect of retinol depends on its density in a product.

The higher it is, the more effective the product.

If your skin is beginning to look old and dull, then some cream with retinol may be your best option. I use retinol twice a week and apply it during the evening – I’ll tell you more about this in a separate upcoming article.


–5– Serums with antioxidants.

More and more research studies are proving how effective antioxidants are in reducing wrinkles and the aging process.
Antioxidants can be consumed not only with food and supplements, but they can be applied directly to your face with various skincare products.

They’re also great for boosting collagen production.

When we’re exposed to free radicals, collagen is broken down. By using creams or serums with antioxidants that can penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin and neutralize free radicals, the damage caused by them is reversed.

I currently love the “Timeless Skin Care – Coenzyme Q10 w/ Matrixyl 3000 Serum“.


–6– Massages, physical stimulation.

I don’t like investing in relaxation massages. The only massage that ever gave me real and visible results is the Japanese Kobido massage.

Throughout the massage, my face is stimulated in various ways (gentle squeezes and vibrations, etc.). During the session, the production of collagen and elastin is actively boosted.

I could tell you much more about this massage, but let me finish here: to tone your muscles, you need to move and exercise. Exactly the same goes for your facial muscles if you want your face to look firm and beautiful. The Kobido massage is a way of exercising your face.


–7– Tools that work.

No matter how great your hands may be, they won’t be enough to revive your flabby skin. You’ll need to invest in some small tools that will be a perfect help. I’m pretty conservative here.

I like time-tested products, which I’ll write a separate article about. For now, I can say with certainty that these are my favorites:

The Nephrite Jade face roller (the original secret to beautiful skin from ancient China)

✓ “Gua Sha“ (soon available at Sokoladas Sielai)

✓ “Nu Face“, which activates muscles by stimulating them with electric signals.

✓ I also like LED masks, but I’m not sure about how effective they are yet.

Every day, I spend at least 5 minutes on my
skin using one of the mentioned tools.

I usually use the Nephrite jade face roller in the morning because it is by far the best face massager to reduce swelling, relax your muscles, boost blood circulation, improve collagen production, etc.

I always remember what my teacher used to say this:

Skincare should be simple. Otherwise, it will be too difficult to follow consistently.


–8– Acids.

If you’ve never tried glycolic acids, get ready to be pleasantly surprised.

Famous American scientists N. V. Perricone and J. C. DiNardo conducted two experiments back in 1969 demonstrating the benefits of glycolic acid for our skin.

AHA acids remove the layer of dead skin cells, making the skin instantly look much better. Dead skin cells do not reflect light, making wrinkles appear larger.

Later research conducted by American scientists revealed that 20–70% of glycolic acid deeply penetrates the skin, boosting the production of collagen and elastin. I like Ordinary acids.


–9. The lymphatic system.–

We don’t talk much about the lymphatic system, whereas Asians have known about it for years.

This is one of the main reasons for glowing skin.

Did you know that along with our bloodstream, there is also a lymphatic system underneath our skin that often experiences blockages? Think about it, if your skin is flooded with immobile lymph, then how can your skin possibly glow? I take good care of my lymphatic system, which helps cleanse our bodies and skin of various toxins.

A massage with the Nephrite jade face roller, “Gua Sha”, or just massaging your face with your hands are great ways to cleanse and boost your lymphatic system.

You’ve learned a lot today.

Here, you have my strongest and most effective “anti-aging” list.

Now you know how to improve the condition of your skin. Remember – the only way to ensure beautiful skin is to see the truth and to be able to make the right choice in the endless pool of advertisements.

Don’t let yourself get lost, thinking that skincare is way too complicated. I’ve written these things down so that you’d know what is worth investing your time and money into and what is not.

I believe that most products and procedures on the market are worthless.

Next time you have to choose what to do with your skin, feel free to open up this article and follow one or two recommendations. If you’re wondering where you should start, I’d recommend getting a high-quality vitamin C serum and a Nephrite jade face roller.

As for everything else, feel free to experiment, choose products according to your finances and needs, and decide for yourself what works best for you.

With love,

I’m currently sipping on a cup of ginger tea on a cold fall evening and reading comments about my skin.

“Your skin is so beautiful and even. I can’t believe you’re 41. You probably have great genes, my skin always looks awful in the fall. It’s either too dry or oily, tired, and with no glow whatsoever.“ Or – Ruta, please tell us how to revive our tired skin so that it looks like yours.

I get so many messages these days that I barely manage to reply to all of you, so I decided to write this article instead.

I am confident that my advice will help you get your skin back to its former glow in no time.

First, I’d like you to forget the idea of “good genes”. There’s no such thing.

My mother has beautiful hair but has always had problems with her skin. My skin was completely uncontrollable. I battled with acne for many years, then had to deal with the marks it left behind. Only then did I focus on recovering its glow.

I recently went on a long trip to Brazil.

I couldn’t keep up with my usual routine while I was there and once I got home, I saw what the sun, fatigue, and constant travel had done to my skin.

It had completely lost its glow and was dry and dull.

With loads of makeup, I managed to create a pretty bearable look. But once I’d take all of the makeup off, all I would see in the mirror was a tired and dull 40-year old face.

Luckily, I’m very well experienced in skincare and know how to make my skin glowing again in no time.

This is what I’ll share with you today.

So here we go, INTRO TO GLOWING SKIN 101:


First, I include loads of superfoods in my daily diet to nourish my skin from within.

I drink lots of green smoothies with avocados, pamper myself with oily fish, high-quality nuts, and other superfoods that I talk about a lot on my YouTube channel.


Then, I focus on acids.

I can’t imagine my life without them. My skin has always needed help in removing dead skin cells. If I don’t get rid of them for a while, my skin becomes dull and loses its elasticity. Various acids are great for removing them and returning the glow to your face.

When I got back from Brazil, I didn’t have any strong acids at hand.

All I had left was the Pixi Glow tonic, which is what I used first. A couple of days later, my skin already looked better.

Then, I ordered the Ordinary (AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution) acid and began my favorite home spa treatment that I’ve been relying on for the past 7 years.

First, I thoroughly wash my face, then I apply the rose-coloured Ordinary acids (ODA acid face wash works perfectly as well). It does sting a bit when you apply it but once you wash it off, your face almost looks like glass. If you’ve never tried face acids, I recommend starting out by keeping them on your skin for a shorter period of time so that your skin has time to adjust.


The third step is hydration.

After the acid, your pores will open up, which means you’ll need lots of nourishment and hydration. This is when I turn to my favorite serums and apply them to my face.

I apply a thin layer of vitamin C serum, then some hyaluronic acid serum with antioxidants and let them sit and absorb into my skin.

Everybody’s skin needs hydration, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Just like our bodies need broccoli and other nutritious foods. I keep applying the serums as long as my skin absorbs them. Sometimes, I apply 3-4 layers.

Then, I take a close look in the mirror and decide whether my skin needs some extra nourishment. It often looks very well hydrated but still needs some oil. I then apply a thin layer of Weleda Skin Food cream, which is great for locking in the serums and nourishing my skin. If I decide that my skin doesn’t need any more cream, I pull out a sheet mask.

I apply it to my face and move on to the most important part of the treatment – the Nephrite jade face roller massage. I use it to slowly massage my skin until my muscles are relaxed and the serums in the mask absorb deep into my skin.


For at least 5 minutes every morning, I pamper my face with the Nephrite jade face roller, which is great for boosting the lymphatic system and blood circulation.

Lymph is the yellow fluid we see when our blisters rupture. It helps fight against various toxins. You’ll never have a glowing face until you take care of your lymphatic system and blood circulation.

Our fast-paced and stressful lives affect our bodies, which is why our skin often needs some extra care. We modern women often resort to external products that cover up all our skin issues, whereas the women of ancient China already knew that the glow of our skin depends on what is going on underneath.

A massage with the face roller helps get rid of any swelling in your face and evenly distributes the fluid accumulated under the skin. After a few sessions with the roller, your skin will look much more even and glowing.

I believe that it isn’t various procedures that influence our skin the most but rather the way we care for it daily. Therefore, it’s crucial to take proper care of your skin every day to maintain its youth and glow.

The Nephrite jade face roller is the perfect way to pamper your skin daily and quickly improve its condition.


And finally, the last step to take for glowing and beautiful skin is getting enough fresh air.

I won’t elaborate on this because I’m sure you’re already well aware of the importance of getting enough fresh air. Taking a look in the mirror before and after going for a walk outside is all you need to make sure of it.

If you feel like your skin is lacking some glow, I urge you to immediately begin the “glow program”.

I promise that you won’t even need a full two weeks before people start complimenting you and asking you if love is the reason for such glowing skin.

Our skin is the reflection of our habits, so if you’re unhappy with the look of your skin, it’s time to start responding to the signals it’s sending you and take action.

You know what to do, so what are you waiting for?

Good luck,
Ruta, Chocolate4Soul.com

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