An open letter to all the women who face problems with their sexual health…

Finally, the Chinese have revealed the secret of female health, beauty, and youth that has been kept for 5000 years

If you would like to benefit from Chinese wisdom that has helped thousands of women to keep their female glow, youth, and beauty for at least 10 years longer than the average woman; if you would like to get rid of most of the female health problems and basically eliminate your visits to gynecologists, then this is one of the most important letters you’ll ever read.

FROM: Ruta (41), co-founder of

Tuesday, 8:47 PM

I suffered many problems related to female sexual health in time past.

I wasn’t interested in sex anymore, and my menstrual periods were so heavy and painful that I couldn’t stand up straight for 5−6 days.

I would start experiencing cramps three days before my period. My mood would go down; I would become very irritated and feel the need to pick on my loved ones.

At least once a month, I would experience vaginal thrush or some other “itchy” condition. My first aid kit was always full of painkillers, suppositories, creams, or pills for various sexual health issues.

I would see a gynecologist quite often—where I would regularly hear such terms as cyst, erosion, uterine prolapse, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc.

I felt tired, and sexual activities caused me pain and discomfort. I talked to my friends about these problems, and apparently, they were experiencing the same things.

I was about to give up and just acknowledge these issues as an inevitable part of every woman’s life BUT…

At the time, I was just starting to take an interest in different self-knowledge and femininity workshops.

I talked to the best teachers of womanhood in Europe, and I learned about the feminine power, the uterus, the real causes of female reproductive system diseases, infertility, the inability to have children, and other female-specific health issues ...

And, contrary to my earlier belief, it turns out that not all women face sexual health problems.

The women who are perfectly healthy, as it relates to their intimate health, KNOW CERTAIN FEMALE SECRETS AND HAVE ACCESS TO MOST MIRACULOUS TOOLS!

I spent 3 years researching these secrets and putting my knowledge into practice, and something magical happened ...

ALL of my diseases vanished into thin air. Frankly speaking, I can't remember when last I heard my doctor utter the name of any such diseases. Even when I went to see my gynecologist for some mandatory checks, she could not believe how great my sexual health has become.

My osteopath always compliments my health whenever I see her, as well as my bioenergy therapist who often admires my healthy and young feminine area.

I am 39 years old, and I feel much healthier than than ever before!

Not only healthier, but also more beautiful and feminine. My skin has become smooth, and my acne is gone. My hormone balance has been restored and my periods are not exhausting anymore.

My first aid kit is pill-free, and I don't even remember the name of suppositories that I had used before.

When a woman knows these secrets and has the right tools, everything falls into place

This is why I want to share my discoveries with you ...

Every woman under 30 has a naturally large resource of energy for bearing children.

Nature provides women with health, beauty, energy, sexuality, and libido. This way, nature encourages women to look for a partner and to have children, and that is why most men are so attracted to young women. They intuitively feel their vitality and the energy they emit.

After giving birth or after the age of 30, a woman starts to lose her energy

It’s just as if nature would say "Well honey, you've done what was planned for you, and you don't need this much energy anymore." How long you want to keep your feminine energy, sexuality, beauty, youth, and health, etc., solely depends on you.

Most of the women over 30 know about this law of nature, and therefore, they fully understand that ...

In order to preserve your femininity, health, and beauty longer than intended by nature, you have to take full responsibility for it and to pay more attention to it than ever before

One can easily notice that women over 30 (or even sooner) become interested in a healthy diet. They seek inner peace; they go to various beauty parlors for anti-aging procedures (which DO NOT WORK or are only a SHORT-TERM SOLUTION).

They feel that their beauty, health, and energy is fading away every single day and, therefore, try to stop it in every possible way and to turn back time

Sometimes women decide to have surgical procedures, which are still not effective in the long run.

The beauty industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. New beauty products are invented every day, such as products for your face, body, and health.

Due to the number of all the available solutions, the most effective ones often get lost...

More than 5000 years ago, an almost miraculous feminine tool was discovered in ancient China. A tool that can bring back beauty, facial glow and, health to every woman ... almost with no effort!

But let's start from the beginning ...

We'd like to warn you that the letter you're about to read might make some women feel uncomfortable. We'll take a look at this "secret" area which our parents and religion taught us to hide and to feel shameful about.

However, ...

It has always been known that the source of the female beauty, youth, and health LIES WITHIN A WOMAN'S INTIMATE AREA and her UTERUS!

After all, it is evident that a woman is gifted with extraordinary powers and her uterus holds so much energy that it can CREATE and DELIVER NEW LIFE!

Have you ever tried to imagine what power must lie within a uterus such that a baby could develop and grow there? After all, it is a miracle ...

Therefore, the more energy, life, and health there is in the intimate area of a woman, the healthier she looks and feels.

A woman's uterus used to be worshiped. As most people know, the Holy Grail also symbolizes woman's uterus. But all this holiness has been lost somewhere.

However, ...

If a woman neglects her intimate area, she starts to experience various gynecological diseases AND INSTANTLY AGES

The biggest issue here is that we were never taught to pay attention to our intimate area and to take care of it with love and tenderness.

It is truly sad that most of us find this area displeasing or even ugly and we only talk about it with our doctors in exceptional cases (when problems arise).

However, according to the Chinese medicine, this is the most sensitive and the most important area of a woman's body!

Most of the female-specific health problems start in their intimate area.

After all, it is always warm and moist—a perfect environment for bacterial growth, which eventually causes illnesses and other painful conditions (endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, menstrual disorders, problems with getting pregnant, etc.).

Most women hide their intimate health problems and do not speak about it in public, but the truth is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. More than 97% of women constantly worry about their health condition.

But this is not only about the illnesses or your physical health ...

Most women do not even stop for a second to think about all the intimate muscles that BECOME LOOSE if ignored (as any other muscle of the body).

The intimate muscles of a young woman are strong, resilient, and vital.

When a woman turns 30, these muscles become more and more loose. And after giving birth, they become even looser and less tight.

If a woman neglects her intimate area, this may cause some very unpleasant conditions that are mostly never discussed in public

  • It causes various inflammations or other worrying gynecological issues.
  • You may experience urinary incontinence.
  • It is quite common that after giving birth, the uterus or other pelvic organs prolapse.
  • It is quite common that after giving birth, the uterus or other pelvic organs prolapse.

And what’s sex got to do with this?

This problem is especially relevant to women in their 30−40s. For the majority of women who have given birth, sexual intercourse becomes rather a duty than a pleasure.

Her husband needs sex, and she almost doesn't.  Therefore, the passion and the intimacy disappear first, and then a couple becomes emotionally distant, which results in more conflicts between the two. Such a couple becomes rather like roommates or buddies, and all the love starts to fade away.

Quite often one can hear stories of a husband who got tired of asking for lovemaking and found himself a lover or got into drinking and started to go away with his friends more and more often.

When a woman is aware of that, there are 2 solutions:

  • Do nothing until your worsened health condition (or relationship troubles with your husband) makes you take action.
  • Consciously and boldly evaluate your intimate area and finally start taking care of it.

If you choose the second solution, there are some ways to keep your intimate area healthy and vital:

Solution #1: sex

Sex really brings back viability to your intimate area; although, both a man and a woman must know what they're doing.

A man must realize that a woman needs more time to get aroused; he doesn't have to rush but has to be tender and attentive. A woman must know how to relax and get aroused and guide the man to the right direction.

All of this takes time, and the majority of women do not realize their needs or feel ashamed talking about them to their husbands. But having sex out of obligation is not the only option. On the contrary, if a woman feels some resistance when she's making love, her intimate area is not filled with energy and life, and a man gets only a very short satisfaction, which is more like a tension relief.

Therefore, for most women, this solution is not acceptable or does not give any results.

Solution #2: intimate muscles exercises

It's quite a popular solution, especially after childbirth. And it certainly is better than nothing, but it ONLY strengthens the intimate muscles and does not give any energy benefits or restore the ​​sensitivity of the intimate area.

The biggest problem with the exercises is that you have to consistently perform them (it's like going to the gym), and most women lack the patience and the willpower, so they quickly stop doing those time-consuming exercises.

Solution #3: take advantage of a tool that was invented 5,000 years ago by Chinese women—a tool which helps you to get rid of any gynecological illnesses, almost effortlessly strengthen your intimate muscles, and bring back the viability and sensitivity to your feminine area!

If we went back to the ancient China 5,000 years ago, we would see that there was no such beauty industry as there is now, and there were no such tools as the modern women use today.

Women also did not have as many rights as they do today. Therefore, in order to influence men and to keep their social status, or simply to get what they want, women had to come up with a solution to keep men's attention and to keep them away from younger women.

So women had to find a way to be superior and to make men desire them only ...


Those women revealed a secret of femininity, youth, and beauty which helped them avoid any illnesses of the intimate area, and kept them both feminine and charming throughout the years almost effortlessly.

They had a secret tool that prevented their intimate area from "falling asleep."

What kind of special tool did these women have that we didn't know about for a very long time?

IT WAS A NEPHRITE (JADE) EGG. Nephrite egg was the biggest SECRET to femininity, youth, and sexuality of the Chinese Imperial women.

Nephrite egg helps a woman thrive; her body fills up with magical sexual energy, her eyes begin to sparkle, and special magnetic field forms around her—one that men cannot resist.

A woman can hold Nephrite egg in her intimate area the whole day, and she can even sleep with it, which makes it truly unique.

The women of eastern countries would use Nephrite egg in order to give birth to healthy children, to have a great sexual relationship with their husbands—which is equally important to both men and women—and to stay young, healthy, and self-confident.

Women have noticed that vaginal exercises strengthen vaginal muscles, and make them (women) happier and sexier.

Do not confuse it with various stimulators that are sold in sex shops

It's absolutely different. Nephrite egg is a mineral that gives you both physical benefits and energy.

I discovered Nephrite egg almost 2 years ago. I bought my first stone online; the cheapest one was nine euros.

But instead of the positive effect, I felt the opposite—I began to feel physical discomfort and even suffer from inflammations, and only then did I realize that the egg I had purchased was of an inferior quality; it was made of Nephrite egg dust, had zero energy content, and was harmful to my body.

I carried out some research and realized that a quality Nephrite egg, which is rich in energy, must be made from a whole stone and it must be specifically prepared using no chemicals at all.

Most online stores sell fake Nephrite egg. They use the name “Nephrite egg” to sell substitutes made of "stone dust" or some unknown chemical products that are harmful to the delicate feminine area.

It took me quite a while to find the REAL Nephrite eggs filled with the RIGHT energy

Likewise, it also took me some time to find the ones that are of high quality.  Even if someone says they are selling high-quality Nephrite egg, this is not always the case.

Some sellers claim to have high-quality Nephrite egg or even certified Nephrite egg (that can cost up to $200), but as it later turns out, they're fake ...

Disappointed women often send us letters telling us they tried purchasing Nephrite egg online and what they got was a low-quality product.

So, to avoid such experience, I encourage you to take a look at this review written by one of the ladies who purchased our product:

I first bought three Nephrite eggs, but when I received the parcel, I immediately began to doubt its quality. I did not want to use a faulty stone. I was more cautious the second time. I sent a letter to the online store, and they replied, assuring me that it is a 100% genuine and solid Nephrite egg. When I received it, I was once again disappointed since the egg was the same as the ones I had previously purchased. I did not want to use a simple exercise tool; I was looking for a genuine stone that gives you spiritual connection, protects, and heals you.

My third purchase was finally successful!! And just as the saying goes, "The poor man always pays twice."

I'm now wearing Nephrite egg—and it’s two days already. We're trying to get used to each other.

A high-quality Nephrite egg filled with the right energy is not cheap but the benefit it brings to a woman is PRICELESS!

"I have become more feminine, the condition of my facial skin got better, and I simply want to wear dresses all the time."


"Nephrite egg is a very powerful tool. I now chat to completely different men online than I did before."


"My sexual energy has increased. I can feel it myself and so does the man I love."


"I feel like it has awakened a feeling inside of me that I had forgotten for a very long time."


When I finally found a real Nephrite egg of high quality, I was so excited that I decided to tell about it to other women as well. The results really exceeded my expectations

I have found a variety of scientific articles, theses, and other confirmed information about Nephrite egg.

I have taken the time to gather the most valuable information, and I would like to present it in the most understandable way for all of us.

This is what I've learned about Nephrite egg in various scientific literature:

  • Nephrite egg is intended for use for a woman of any age, who cares about her intimate hygiene and health.
  • Nephrite egg is for a woman who wants to stay sensual and sexy for years.
  • Nephrite egg is for a woman who wants to regain her sexual energy after illness or any other occurrences which made her passive and which influenced her sexual energy and health.
  • It is also intended for a woman who has not found her sexuality and sensitivity yet, irrespective of her age, job, or social status.
  • Nephrite egg is intended for a woman who wants to have children or who already has children and wants to strengthen and restore her feminine area.
  • Nephrite egg is intended for a woman who wants to prepare herself for menopause and to go through it easily rather than give in to the beliefs that it is very challenging and that one can't do it without hormones.
  • Nephrite egg is intended for a woman who forgot how to praise her sexuality and vitality.
  • ... it's for a woman who loves sex.
  • ... it's for a woman who hates sex.
  • ... a woman who does not experience orgasm.
  • ... a woman who experiences orgasm and wants to have more of them.

Why should you wear Nephrite egg?

  • For intimate health.
  • For balanced and stable hormones.
  • For intimate hygiene and health.
  • To heal from old wounds and experiences.
  • To awaken pleasure points in the vagina.
  • To recover from stress.
  • To recover sooner after giving birth or after surgical procedures.
  • To treat vaginal dryness or thinning.
  • To treat thrush and other infections.
  • To become an irresistible mistress.
  • To stop the uncontrollable snacking.
  • To spend less while shopping—especially when a woman is trying to fill the emptiness inside.
  • To boost female libido.

Another quality of Nephrite egg is that it can awaken more pleasure points in the vagina, which leads to longer and deeper orgasms. Nephrite egg helps to balance out hormones and to bring back beauty and health to every woman's life.

Nephrite egg helps tone the intimate muscles—and we are not talking about well-trained, strong vaginal muscles; we are talking about a muscle which is sensitive and similar to a trampoline, which can sag and develop resistance.

Many scientists and scientific institutions have proven that ...

A woman's beauty is directly related to her hormone balance.

This has been proven by some scientists and scientific institutions. A woman is entirely dependent on hormones. Our beauty, wellbeing, health, relationship with our husband and children depends on hormones.

Hormones are directly responsible for our cell regeneration, wrinkles, youth, and energy. This is one of the most important things affecting the quality of a woman's life.

Nephrite egg affects your feminine points, and it makes you produce the hormones that are perfect for your body

Recently, Nephrite egg has been attracting more and more attention in the world and has become widely known.

Scientists have finally acknowledged the healing properties of Nephrite egg; some American and European magazines have published articles about it. (For example, Women’s Health magazine.)

The luxury cosmetic company "Estee Lauder" has been using Nephrite for years now as well as the famous soap company "NEPHRIA."

I never thought that Nephrite egg could become so popular!

Women keep talking about it to their friends and recommending it to each other. The number of women wearing Nephrite egg increases every day.

We are delighted that more and more women have decided to take matters into their own hands and to take back what actually belongs to them.

We need three things to awaken our sexuality and to regain our energy:

  • Make a decision that the time has come to stop fooling yourself and take the situation seriously.
  • Nephrite egg of high quality and right energy.
  • Commit to wearing Nephrite egg every day ...


We recommend that the majority of women START FROM A MEDIUM SIZED NEPHRITE EGG (unless you're younger than 26, you do not have children, or you’re not having regular sexual intercourse).

And then, after a few months, when your internal muscles must have strengthened, you can move to a small Nephrite egg.

Practical evidence shows that if a woman starts using a small Nephrite egg, it is hard to hold it inside; it keeps falling out and ends up on a shelf.

That is why we recommend starting from the medium-sized egg and subsequently moving to a smaller one. Therefore, it is advised to get both Nephrite eggs at once!

By the way, many sellers are offering 3 sized Nephrite egg, but this is only a TRICK ...

Some companies offer 3-piece sets of Nephrite eggs (and they're trying to convince you that you need all of them).

BUT THIS IS JUST A TRICK ... During all my years of practice, I never faced a situation when a medium sized egg was not enough for a woman (even when performing special exercises).

I think a woman needs two eggs (small- and medium-sized) sooner or later but having all of them is not really necessary ...


A small Nephrite egg costs only 125€
(currently, there are only 5 small Nephrite eggs left in stock).

A medium-sized Nephrite egg costs only 135€
(currently, there are only 7 medium-sized Nephrite egg eggs left in stock).

BOTH OF THEM (you will eventually need both of them, especially if you're going to do the exercises we've prepared) —for only 245€


Order Nephrite egg (middle or small) now for the special price: 135€ 125€ - ONLY 82€

BOTH OF THEM (middle and small) will be only 245€ 137€

The shipping will take about 4-6 business days to deliver in
Europe, 7-9 business days to deliver to the USA or Asia).

If you would like to order, please press the button below:

Order your Jade Roller now!

Yes, a Nephrite egg of high quality is not cheap but let's take a look at its real price ...

This is a natural, LONG-LASTING gemstone ...  IT LASTS FOR AT LEAST 10 YEARS!

10 years equals to 120 months ... or 3650 days ...

If you divide the price of Nephrite egg by 120 months, you will realize it's ONLY 1.95 € PER MONTH ... or ONLY 7 CENTS PER DAY ...

Are you sure you can't afford 1.95 € PER MONTH ... 7 cents per day?

7 euro cents

How much money do you spend per month on your internet bill, TV, phone, magazines? Most probably you spend a lot more than 1.95 € per month (7 cents per day!) for your favorite magazine.

You have to decide what is more important ...

Saving 1.95 € per month or gaining back femininity and experiencing all the benefits of Nephrite egg that you read about in this letter ...

...the benefits that have been proven by scientific research, theses, and the wisdom of ancient Chinese women ...

... the advantages that thousands of women in the whole world have felt ...

We receive only 40−50 Nephrite eggs every month; therefore, the number of orders is quite limited

Our Nephrite eggs comes from Canadian mines to California where it is processed and prepared using unique technology!

We have picked the very best product which is made out of a solid stone and holds all the antibacterial and energetic properties.

A sample ingot from Canada is sent to the most reliable GIA Institute where it gets Nephrite eggs certified.

It is then manually shaped into a form of an egg in accordance with the recommendations of Chinese Dao masters.

You will receive your Nephrite egg in a handmade feminine pouch ...

Order your Jade Roller now!

If you're still HESITATING, please TAKE THIS IMPORTANT TEST which will help you to understand your needs better ...

If you are still not sure whether you need Nephrite egg, we recommend that you take this test. If you answer YES to at least 5 of the questions, we recommend that you purchase this miraculous stone which has been known to women for 5000 years ...

  • Do you often suffer from premenstrual syndrome (mood swings, tiredness, irritability)?
  • Are your periods exhausting?
  • Are you concerned about your intimate area in any way?
  • Would you like to feel more pleasure and vitality in your intimate area?
  • Would you like to stop feeling tired and fatigue?
  • Do you lack self-confidence?
  • Do you sometimes feel unpretty and not sexy?
  • Do you dream of giving your femininity a bloom?
  • Do you want to feel the female power?
  • Would you like to know how to seduce a man with just one look?
  • Do you think that your husband underestimates you and does not get you?
  • How often do you feel too tired to have sex?
  • Would you like to have more energy?
  • Are you concerned about your skin?
  • Do you often feel invisible and unnoticed?
  • Do you feel that everything in life requires great effort?
  • Are your visits to a gynecologist uncomfortable and exhausting?
  • Do you suffer from menopause?
  • Are you having trouble conceiving?
  • Would you like to strengthen your intimate muscles just a little?

If you have any more questions or would like to order Nephrite egg, send an e-mail and we'll be happy to help ...

Ruta, Chocolate For The Soul

Please write to us and we will write you back:

Order your Jade Roller now!


  • q-iconWhat are the external benefits of Nephrite egg?

    Just take a look at a woman who has fallen in love. She looks as if she has become 10 years younger. Her skin is glowing, she attracts attention, and everyone’s eyes are on her. Her voice changes; she’s in her best health, and most of her problems go away. You can be that woman with the help of Nephrite egg.

  • q-iconWhy should you choose Nephrite egg egg instead of vaginal balls or stimulators?

    Nowadays, there is a number of vaginal stimulators that also bring good results. Unfortunately, they only stimulate the muscles. The good news, however, is that Nephrite egg works not only physically, but it also heals and balances your energy system.

    Nephrite egg is a stone of life, filled with the energy of the Earth which every woman needs.

  • q-iconWhat are the discomforts of wearing Nephrite egg?

    First of all, you’ll have to remember that when you start wearing Nephrite egg, your energy changes and your body reacts to it (Nephrite egg). Women have noticed a slight tugging sensation in the area of the uterus, noticeably shorter periods, higher sensitivity, and stronger sexual desire.

    Some women say that the Nephrite egg falls out from the vagina at the beginning, but this is part of the process. This is how your intimate area reacts and heals; the blood is flowing to it, and your muscles strengthen. Most women wear Nephrite egg all day, and often they even forget they’re wearing it, since it causes no discomfort nor pain.

  • q-iconHow is Nephrite egg different from other intimate stimulators?

    There are various great stimulators available, and most of them are effective. But, unfortunately, they have certain disadvantages. Stimulators require time and constant practice. You can simply sleep wearing Nephrite egg, and you can also benefit a lot from it at the same time.

    Stimulators, including balls, are made of synthetic materials and have no antibacterial nor other properties of a high-quality mineral.

    Nephrite egg makes a woman glow and changes her energy; it helps you connect your body to Earth, and this can’t be done using any of the mechanical, synthetic, or plastic stimulators.

  • q-iconWhat kind of thread should you use with the Nephrite egg?

    We recommend using a simple thread, such as a stitching thread or any other natural/synthetic thread, since you have to change it from time to time due to hygiene. You should cut the thread and use a new one every few days. You can choose a thread of your favorite color and thickness and just see how you feel.

  • q-iconHow long does it take to treat female-specific diseases such as thrush, etc.?

    It depends on every woman wearing Nephrite egg. For some, it takes only a few days or weeks, and for others, it might take up to a month or longer.

  • q-iconCan you wear Nephrite egg during pregnancy?

    If you were wearing Nephrite egg before you got pregnant, we recommend that you continue wearing it 12 weeks after conceiving. It is recommended that you stop wearing Nephrite egg 12 weeks before giving birth. You can start wearing it again approximately 1.5 months after giving birth.