When I was studying at a beauty school in Los Angeles, my teacher told us during the very first class, “Girls, once you get home today, THROW AWAY YOUR PILLOWS!”

We were all absolutely confused and had no idea why we should do that… Then, she explained:

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Think about it... when you’re sixty, you’ll have slept for twenty years already.

And all those years, you keep doing the same thing – you lay your head on your pillow. But you’ve probably never thought about how significant your pillow is for your life.

After all, you’ll spend more than 20 years on your pillow throughout your life!

Traditional pillowcases are ABSOLUTELY HARMFUL to your skin and hair. Here's why:

A regular pillow (cotton, satin, flannel, etc.) ABSORBS THE MOISTURE OF YOUR FACE. It’s like cleaning off a wet table with a cloth. It absorbs everything.

This is confirmed by Laura Dyer - a New York dermatologist who says that „cotton pillowcases can pull out the moisture from your hair and skin. Think about all of the products you use before bed! This can completely dry out and irritate your skin.“

This is precisely why your skin feels dry when you wake up, which is one of the worst disasters that can happen to your youth.

To make sure of this yourself, grab a dry piece of paper and crumple it up. Of course, you’ll do this with no problem at all. There will be lots of wrinkles and the paper will never be as even as it once was. Now, dip it in some water and try to crumple it up again. What happens now? That’s right! You can’t wrinkle wet paper.

The loss of moisture is clearly a one-way ticket to wrinkle town, from which there is sadly no return ticket…

It’s easy to imagine what happens to your skin when it lacks moisture:

This is how a grape filled with water looks like. And here’s the same grape completely dried.

So, by sleeping on a regular pillow, you age much faster!

And that’s not all...

If you use expensive, high-quality moisturizers that are supposed to hydrate your skin throughout the night, YOUR BAD PILLOW ABSORBS ALL OF IT.

And this is no joke. We spend loads of money thinking that we prevent early signs of aging when the truth is, we leave everything on our pillows… Along with the natural moisture of our skin. How horrible.

We spend hundreds of euros a month on various creams… which just up and dissolve into our pillow.

When I found out about his, I was heartbroken. I had been buying the most expensive creams and it turned out that they weren’t able to do their magic just because I was sleeping on the wrong pillow.

And that’s not all...

Those nasty SLEEP LINES...

Sleep lines are NOT TEMPORARY. In the long run, they stay on your face for good!

Note that sometimes, one side of an older woman’s face has more wrinkles than the other (because we usually sleep on the same side).

Think about it, your facial skin is pressed down on and wrinkled… FOR TWENTY YEARS. There’s no other way it can play out, really.

The lines stay and eventually turn into deep wrinkles. AT THAT POINT, THERE’S NO GOING BACK…

And that’s still not all...

Split ends, brittle hair that keeps falling out…

When you sleep on a regular pillow, your hair keeps rubbing into the pillow, which is very harmful. You’ve probably noticed that when you wake up, your hair looks matte and lifeless.

As if this wasn’t enough, this lifelong “procedure” causes your hair to FALL OUT MUCH FASTER. I’ve experienced this myself. There’s nothing worse than hair loss.

“Sleeping on silk is one of the easiest ways to create a positive impact on the health and strength of your hair“ - says Justine Marjan, a Hollywood celebrity hairstylist. “Friction on cotton can damage the follicles of your hair, which results in greater hair loss and brittleness.”

It is for these reasons that my beauty school teacher and founder said to us during our very first class:


We all had to sew our own pillowcases from the best possible silk we could find (with the right density, slip, weight, color, finish, etc.).


By the way, you don’t need to change your whole pillow. All you need is a SILK PILLOWCASE.

Essentially, the most important thing is not the pillow itself but the pillowcase (however, the pillow does need to meet several important criteria).

When I found out that most women don’t know about these secrets and in this way increase their aging, harm their hair, and torture their skin…


Personally, I’ve been sleeping on a silk pillow for over fifteen years now. It’s just as natural to me as washing up at night. In fact, it’s one of my greatest secrets of beauty and youth.

I once had to sleep on a regular pillow for a few nights.

And guess what? I quickly began to notice that my skin was starting to look much WORSE… I had a bunch of sleep lines on my face, my hair lost its shine, and my skin looked DRY and TIRED.

This is confirmed by another New York doctor, Neal Schultz: "a smooth silk surface means that it will pull out much less moisture from your face, which will result in your skin remaining hydrated for a longer period. This will also reduce friction and wrinkles. Research has shown that friction from tossing and turning at night strongly influences the formation of wrinkles. However, a smooth silk surface can greatly reduce this negative effect.”

I began to worry that there may be many women out there who don’t know about this! So I decided to share this knowledge with you.

And that’s not all I have to share!

I searched for high-quality silk for TWO YEARS!

There are plenty of silk pillowcases out there but you can NEVER BE SURE THAT THEY’LL GIVE YOU THE RESULT YOU WANT… This is why I spent so much time searching for the best silk pillowcase.

The “Chocolate4Soul” silk pillowcase:

  • prevents your hair cuticles from bristling up, which results in stronger, shinier, smoother, and less brittle hair;
  • doesn’t absorb your night cream and natural moisture of your skin (as I’ve mentioned, regular cotton absorbs natural moisture, which makes your skin wrinkle and age much faster);
  • doesn’t leave sleep lines on your face (those nasty marks from your pillow that stay on your face for good in the long run);

Suitable for most pillows. It has a standard size – 60 x 40 cm.


...I did just that… I purchased a small pillow, “dressed it up” in silk and have been enjoying it for a week already… Results were visible right away. In the morning, my skin is vibrant, with no sleep lines, and my hair isn’t so dry anymore… Wow!!!

Thank you so much for spreading correct and tested information. Now, all that’s left to do is share this with the women I know and enjoy it with them.”


I’ve been sleeping on this delightful silk for just a few nights… But it really is amazing! I didn’t expect that I’d like it so much…

I have a silk pillowcase, it’s amazing. Thank you Chocolate4Soul for such high-quality products.

IMPORTANT: why did I choose this size for the pillowcase?

The truth is, a woman’s pillow must be small and not too high.

My teacher said that when you sleep on a high pillow, your neck bends too much, which results in horrible wrinkles all over your neck!

I myself sleep on a tiny pillow that fits perfectly in the 40x60 size. And I recommend the same to you! By the way, even the cheapest pillow will be fine (even if it cost just ten euros), it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is a high-quality silk pillowcase!

Of course, if you have allergies, you’ll need to get a pillow that you know is suitable for you.


Women spend hundreds, or even thousands of euros for various creams and procedures each month. In ten years, this amount could reach 10.000€ or even 100.000€!

And what’s worst is that you leave almost all of it on your pillow!

So by sleeping on a non-silk pillow, you can LOSE 10.000€ - 100.000€!

Would you pay at least 5000€ to stop this??

Or at least 1000€?

This incredible creation of “Chocolate4Soul” doesn’t cost 1000€... or even 500€

To me personally, this silk pillow is invaluable.

When I ordered my pillow from abroad, after all customs and shipping fees, I had to pay more than 150€...

This is how much our pillows could cost...


Your investment in the preservation of your beauty is ONLY 150€ 79.95€

If you order two pillowcases for yourself and your husband (especially important if he has problems with his facial skin or hair loss), the price is even lower!!

Two pillows - 159.90 ONLY 149.95€...

Or three - 239.85€ ONLY 197.95€ 

Order this miracle for beautiful skin and shiny hair today:


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