Exclusive BLACK MARBLE Candle, named “LUXURY”

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✓ NATURAL SOY WAX (without paraffin or artificial dyes). This means – a clean and safe candle for your family!

✓ A natural cotton wick that burns well and poses no health risks.

✓ An incredible vanilla scent that soothes, gives you a sense of security and suppresses anger or other negative emotions. Each time you light this candle, there will be greater harmony and peace in the room!

✓ Rhinestone crystal inside a candle (considered to be one of the most harmonizing stones in human energy). This means that this candle will not only lift your mood, but also improve the energy of the home, bring more harmony.

✓ Zinc alloy cap to protect the candle from rapid exhalation. It will keep the candle’s good qualities for much longer than any other candle.

✓ Ultra-luxurious BLACK MARBLE jar that takes your home design to the next level. This will create an exclusive sense of luxury in every home. The perfect gift for even the most discerning shoppers!NATURAL SOY WAX (without paraffin or artificial dyes). This means – a clean and safe candle for your family!

As we began researching candle jars, we realized that there were many choices: clear glass, frosted glass, ceramics, marble, and more.

Not only should the candle smell nice and healthy, but it should also decorate your home.

To create a candle to take your home design to the next level, we chose the most expensive material for making a jar, the Black MARBLE.

True black marble is heavy, incredibly stylish and gives the candle a distinct sense of luxury. It is an indispensable gift for both men and women. Everyone who touches this piece will be amazed at the incredible feeling it creates!

Black marble is for every woman who wants to bring a piece of exclusive luxury to her home.

This exclusive black marble candle comes with an exclusive zinc alloy cap, which combines to create a harmonious luxury.

A candle of this level is perfect for gifts for any occasion.

It will take 5-7 days to deliver to your door.


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