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Nephrite egg was the biggest SECRET to femininity, youth, and sexuality of the Chinese Imperial women.

Nephrite egg helps a woman thrive; her body fills up with magical sexual energy, her eyes begin to sparkle, and special magnetic field forms around her—one that men cannot resist.

A woman can hold Nephrite egg in her intimate area the whole day, and she can even sleep with it, which makes it truly unique.

The women of eastern countries would use Nephrite egg in order to give birth to healthy children, to have a great sexual relationship with their husbands—which is equally important to both men and women—and to stay young, healthy, and self-confident.

Women have noticed that vaginal exercises strengthen vaginal muscles, and make them (women) happier and sexier.

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4 reviews for Genuine NEPHRITE EGG for you sexuality (out of stock)

  1. Margaret

    Nephrite egg is a very powerful tool. I now chat to completely different men online than I did before.

  2. Simone

    I feel like it has awakened a feeling inside of me that I had forgotten for a very long time.

  3. Judith

    My sexual energy has increased. I can feel it myself and so does the man I love.

  4. Jane

    I have become more feminine, the condition of my facial skin got better, and I simply want to wear dresses all the time.

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