WHAT DOES YOUR TYPE OF MAN SAY ABOUT YOU? (By the way, the 2nd type is the most popular!)

by Ruta B.

3 MAIN TYPES OF MEN, which every smart woman must know, will be revealed in this valuable article.

These 3 types will reveal some important secrets about men … and even more important things about the women who choose such men!

Darling, welcome to the feminine world of Chocolate Soul—where spirituality is combined with sexuality, love, and luxury!

It’s very likely that in the middle of reading of this article, you’ll want to show it to your husband, saying, “LOOK… IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! WHY CAN’T YOU BE ANY DIFFERENT?!” But don’t rush.

Wait until the end! At first, you may think that the purpose of this article is to discredit men. Absolutely not!

The first part of the article may seem disturbing or unpleasant, but when you face the truth, it will be much easier to understand HOW TO BECOME A WOMAN WHO FEELS GOOD ABOUT HERSELF AND WHO MAKES MEN DREAM ABOUT BEING WITH HER.

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The 1st type OF MEN: THE ‘MINUSES’

What are the qualities of such men? The ‘Minuses’ and how to recognize them

The men in this category have an extremely unstable nervous system and often do not realize what is going on with them. You can expect anything from such a man: he might come back home drunk, hit a woman, ask for forgiveness and finally suggest having sex as a natural finale to that evening.

Such men (being unaware) are mad at their mothers and all the women in the world, and they’re trying to avenge them for the lack of love they experienced in their childhood.

Even if a ‘minus’ type of man meets a wonderful woman, he sees her through the filter of an ‘unloving mother.’

This means that he has this unconscious attitude: if the first woman in his life did not give him any love or attention, he only sees ‘no-love’ in his current relationship, and most often, he only concentrates on facts that prove this, and he feels like all the women should be punished and not loved.

And it doesn’t matter how a woman who lives with such a man is acting; he only sees a distorted picture and interprets any action as humiliation, danger, betrayal, and insecurity.

What types of women eventually end up with the ‘minus’ type of men?

Women living with the ‘minus’ type of men feel very insecure. They don’t know when they will have to flee, protect their children, or to pack up their bags and move in with their parents.

It negatively affects their nervous system, and after living with a “minus” type of man, there are two ways a woman can go:

THE FIRST ONE  – depression, total loss of oneself, alcoholism, or serious illnesses leading to self-destruction.

THE SECOND ONE a woman who decides to leave her husband and all this torture.

This option is also possible, but the woman must be extremely strong. Then the woman decides to quit this game of ‘tyrant and victim,’ and in a couple of years, she recovers and changes her life completely.

So …

▲ Women living with the ‘minus’ type of men have extremely low self-esteem, and they do not love themselves at all.

▲ They do not think they’re worthy of love, and they have grown to believe that this is their destiny.

▲ Such a woman is usually scared, full of childhood fears and insecurities.

▲ In most cases, a woman who can handle this drama of living with a ‘minus’ type of man comes from a family where her father or her stepfather was abusing her. That way, the first man in her life has formed this acceptable limit and attitude toward her and how she will be treated in the future.

In this case, a psychologist, psychotherapist, individual or group therapy is needed because the woman needs to work hard on herself if she wants to attract other types of men.

‘Women saviors’

There’s a category of women, the so-called WOMEN SAVIORS, who are ‘wearing’ these altruistic masks, and even though it’s hurtful and tiring, they keep saying that they “need to save him …” The future of such women is filled with adrenaline, then depression, and eventually oncologic or heart diseases.

Next, we will discuss the ZERO type of men (it’s the majority of men; most of us will recognize episodes from our own lives here).


The 2nd type of men: THE ‘ZEROES’

To make it even more fun and easy to identify what type of man you’re with, we will split the ZEROES into several fun categories.


You have been living with him for many years now, but his mother gets in the way. There’s not a day goes by without him mentioning his mother's name. When such a man eats soup you made, he can unexpectedly utter: "You’re such a good cook; you cook just like my mother!" or worse, "You can't really cook like my mother does …"

When living with such a man, you can constantly feel his mother’s presence, even if she lives 300 kilometers away. You can even sometimes feel that there's an invisible phantom of his mother standing in your bedroom.

Why do women choose
‘mama's boys’?

Such a woman has a low self-esteem and is often ‘competing’ with her husband's mother.

The competition and intrigue take over her thoughts, and she has something to complain about and gossip with her friends.

This performance can last for years, and it may end only when a woman deliberately decides to quit this ‘game’ and gets interested in loving herself and her self-esteem.

THE ‘IMPRISONERS.’ How do you recognize them?

An ‘imprisoner’ is a type of man a woman can live with quite comfortably, but she cannot develop and thrive.

An ‘imprisoner’ type of man creates and maintains such an environment where neither himself nor his woman can grow. He does what is convenient and usual to him. As soon as a woman starts talking about her needs, about change or tries to ‘spread her wings,’ such a man ‘clips her wings’ while using certain phrases.

They usually sound like this: "Oh, you've read this nonsense again"; "Come on; don't be silly"; "You're strong; you'll figure it out."

Such a man has loads of ‘damaging ammunition’ and uses it every time the woman tries to escape the ‘comfort zone.’

Why do women choose the imprisoning men?


Living with an ‘imprisoner’ is quite safe. There's as little dynamics in such a relationship as there is joy. But this relationship gives the woman security and reliability.

Sometimes women decide to ‘free themselves,’ but they face their fears and do not dare to take this step.

Women try to break up with their imprisoners 3−5 times, but they keep coming back.

This proves that in order to change something in real life, you have to start from changing your inner state. If you change something on your outside, sooner or later, you will get back to where you started.

How do you recognize them?

These are the weak men that are looking for their mothers in women.

Weak men do not initiate anything. They are stuck in their teenage years, approximately between 15−18, and they haven't really learned any true qualities of a man.

Such men are ready to lean on the shoulders of a woman and finally let her take care of them.

Such a man may not even talk about his mother, but he will expect a woman to have the maternal qualities.

As a child, he may have been loved and praised, but the conditions he was raised in prevented him from becoming a true man. Maybe his mother was constantly serving him and suffocating him with love.

Such a man, without knowing it, treats a woman as his mother, pushing her to take the role of a mother. For example, he does this by asking, "What do I do in this situation?" His sentences often start like this: "I cannot find my ..."; "Help me find my ..."; "Give me my ..."

Such a man often does not know how to deal with different situations, cannot make decisions on his own and constantly demands attention and support.

Unknown-2Such a man does not come home carrying flowers and telling his wife: "Honey, I have been thinking about you all day, and I'm so happy that you're with me."

Such a man comes home and shares his dissatisfaction with life, the environment, and situations by ‘transferring’ the tension and the responsibility onto the ‘strong’ shoulders of a woman.

Why do women choose
to live with weak men?

Most of the women take this role quite willingly, acting like they ‘are strong and can do anything.’ This role comes from the times of our grandmothers, and it's very well known.

Women often assume the bait of the ‘weak’ men since, deep down inside, they like feeling superior. It's also convenient because you do not need to learn any new roles, and you can immerse yourself in the routine.

FACE YOURSELF: if you attract the ‘minus’ or ‘zero’ type of men into your life, it means that you ‘emit’ a certain frequency—from within—which ‘attracts’ these type of men ...

THE GOOD NEWS is that everything can be changed ... but we'll talk about this later. Let's talk about the last category of men first ...



The 3rd type of men: THE ‘PLUSES’

A plus type of man has three main roles: the breadwinner, the guardian, and the strategist.

These are the men we are looking for all our lives! These are the qualities we secretly or openly want to see in our partners.

Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that we are actually searching for ourselves—which we become when we're with a PLUS type of man. A woman in her natural state: charming, beloved, feminine and secure.

What are the qualities
of a ‘plus’ type of man?

He’s a man of your dreams. Every woman dreams of being with him.

♂ He is masculine and responsible; you feel calm and safe with him.

♂ He is the breadwinner and the one who takes on the responsibility, makes a woman's dreams come true, and he's a lover of your dreams.

♂ He’s a man who wants to take care of his woman and does that with pleasure.

♂ He’s a man who can protect and defend a woman.

♂ He's a man with a strong male attitude who bravely fights for his goals, learning more and more masculine qualities every day.

♂ The masculinity of such a man grows daily; he is full of energy and testosterone; he radiates male; he is active and full of solar energy.

♂ Being with such a man, a woman can either choose to work or not to work; whichever she feels like is best for her at the time.

♂ A woman can reveal herself, bloom and relax when she's with a ‘plus’ type of man. Her femininity is growing, and her heart is singing.


In order to attract such men to our lives or to help our men become like them, we meditate, heal our childhood wounds, try to reconnect with our parents and ancestors, learn to express emotions and take care of our vital and sexual energy.

ALSO, she is:

♀ A woman who has taken care of her inner world and her emotions. She understands what memories and attitudes she has brought from her childhood.

♀ A woman who has a connection with a higher power; she also feels the power of her sexuality and femininity. You can find more information about the Jade Egg by clicking here.

♀ A woman who can turn to herself, accept and support her husband.

♀ A woman who is skilled in the art of communication; she is connected to her womb and the feminine magic; she can give a man ‘wings,’ inspiration, and pleasure.


As soon as you discover the ‘diamonds’ that lay within a man, when you help him fulfill himself, you will become a beloved and cherished woman that every man would like to be with!

☑ So now we will discuss how to become a woman in harmony and how to help your man become a PLUS type.

☑ We'll also discuss what a single woman should do to attract a PLUS to her life.

Reading this article, you have turned to the biggest mirror of your life—your husband and partner. Now it's time to congratulate yourself for the courage and patience and to draw this picture in your mind, which will lead you to your happiness and light.

In order for a man to become a ‘plus,’
you have to take care of your inner state.

  • IF THERE'S NO MAN IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW, they will begin to appear, and they will be much more masculine and responsible. You can compare this to the flowers in the meadow: when they are filled with honey, the bees come. We all inevitably obey the laws of the universe.
  • And IF YOU'RE LIVING WITH A MAN, AND YOU'RE DISSATISFIED WITH YOUR RELATIONSHIP, YOU FEEL FED UP AND UPSET, your changed energy will take you to the new experiences.

A man and a woman are created in such a way that when the energy field changes around You, it also changes around the man.

He simply has no choice. If you become more feminine, the man becomes more masculine, and vice versa.

It only requires patience, knowledge, meditation, or practice—which will change your inner state and help you love yourself.

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE to women who are taking the path of spirituality and are mad at men who are not following them ...

... when a woman starts to change and when she feels the feminine power, her energy frequency changes, and problems arise.

In most cases, a man becomes a lubber who doesn't understand anything, and the woman becomes a Goddess who does so much ...

... if we consider ourselves to be magical Goddesses that just have to put this article under their noses and lecture them on ‘how they should do things...’ and then leave the room being upset, you can't really expect to have positive results anytime soon ...

... many spiritual teachings which lead us to a deeper self-knowledge concentrate on personal growth. But in most cases, they do not teach you how to stay in touch with your husband or people close to you when you're taking ‘the journey to yourself.’

Very often, after becoming a ‘Goddess,’ a woman stops looking for ways to communicate, to help the person next to her fulfill his life, listen to his needs; rather, she tries to ‘pull’ him with her ...

BUT a reader of the ‘CHOCOLATE SOUL’ knows that ...

▼ Men are much slower and simpler than we are.

▼ A woman who is on her own path and looks at her husband with love, gratitude, and respect can win much more. This way, a man will choose his own speed and will be able to improve himself in his own way.

▼ If you are currently in a relationship with a man who you have a family with, tell yourself or write down these words on a piece of paper from time to time:

Thanks to this man's positive or negative efforts; I am on this path. I thank him for that. I know that my changed vibrations will inevitably change the dynamics of our relationship; we will create new layers of our relationship and new qualities.

I know this is a process, and I let my husband move at his own speed. As soon as I feel dissatisfied, I will remind myself that this is my husband, and I must get back to the state of love and gratitude. I know that this is a process that I, as a woman, can very strongly and patiently influence with my internal state and energy.

So, darling, I'm very pleased that you've read this article to the end.

Perhaps you understood what you could do differently. Or maybe you felt the desire to do wonderful feminine practices that will help You love yourself and, after changing your ‘frequency,’ find a ‘plus’ type of man ...

And if you want to accelerate the process of developing your sexuality and femininity, we suggest you read more about the MAGICAL JADE EGG and other practices for intimate health ...

It's really wonderful that you're interested in these topics and that you've read the article!

We'd love to share this information with as many women as possible. So if You find this information useful, we invite you to join the circle of ‘CHOCOLATE WORLD’ women and to share this article with your friends.

Rūta, ‘Chocolate Soul’

P. S. I do the feminine practices and Jade Egg exercises in various situations in life.

When I feel beautiful and uplifted after a practice, I can ‘go’ even higher, and during those days when I have lost the glow or desire to do anything, I still ‘push’ myself and spend some very long 20 minutes, even though I don't want to and am in doubt about it and my mind keeps telling me that it won't work.

But then, after a few hours, something inside of me changes, and the world begins to look more colorful, and my energy comes back ...

Sometimes I feel unloved, unappreciated and unwanted. Then everything around looks hopeless and empty.

Everything is upsetting and annoying, and every uttered word hurts me. When I'm doing the practice, the energy starts to rise, and I start crying from the heart itself (Jade Egg practice, sexual-feminine practice), and then I find myself in a much deeper pit.

The energy pushes up everything that prevents me from enjoying life. It touches the deepest wounds in my heart, and I feel like it will always be as bad as today. But after a few hours, I calm down, and I feel my energy coming back, and the agony, which I created myself, ends.

On the next day, my face skin seems lighter, my body recovers, and I'm ready to enjoy life once again.

When I don't want to have sex, and I feel like my body is ‘sleeping,’ I do the practices using the Magical Jade Egg, which awakens my sexual energy, rejuvenates me, and improves the relationship in my family ...
This is why you must try the sets of practices that we made for you.

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