What Every Woman Must Know About Her Beauty and Youth! (4 SECRETS)

by Ruta B.

Darling, if you want to stay young, beautiful, and desirable, you have to read this article!

This article is meant for WOMEN OF ANY AGE, so don’t say “This is meant just for the young,” since it’s not true! (We’ll talk about this later.)

I’ll talk about the 4 STEPS I know are really working, which I follow every day. (I could easily call them my 4 SECRETS to beauty.)

If you could take at least a few steps, I can guarantee you that it will be enough for you to look better than any other woman of your age.

As the years go by, they bring a lot of joy to most of us, but unfortunately …

Most women—as young as from 25-years-old—think it’s over for them, not to mention the 40-year-olds …

“Sex is not for me; it’s not going to work out with my husband. You cannot stop the time; I won’t have any children. It’s too late; I’ll die single …” And other nonsense …

It really hurts me because I know it’s not true.

The power of autosuggestion is enormous. I’m convinced that you need not tell yourself things that make no sense. Women often tell themselves (and others around them) all those old phrases—they stop living at 35.

That is why I want to show you an entirely different approach to a woman’s age and share my opinion on aging.

Why am I inspired to talk about this?

First of all, I have a wonderful mother who helped me form a completely different opinion about a woman’s age.

She’s 65, and she’s unstoppable—she’s currently attending the University of the Third Age; she exercises, often meets up with her friends, wears a lot of colorful clothes, and performs feminine practices that help boost her self-confidence and health.

My parents go sailing during the weekends and travel several times a year. Do you think this is exclusively peculiar to young and rich people only? Not at all!

I also have a grandmother who’s 97 now, and when we speak on the phone, she always tells me about her morning exercises and cold showers.

If I don’t visit her for a longer period, she calls me and tells me, “I want to do something … I’m not old yet, Ruta …”

My grandmother does her eyebrows every morning, wears a good perfume, and laughs a lot … she has shiny eyes and enjoys life!

Nobody could ever convince her that she is old and sick.

My grandmother is enjoying her new hip joints and feels happy every day. She reads all the latest literature and tells me about the discoveries of a healthy diet and other interesting facts. (Well, OK, not always.)

I also think that aging (I’m 39 right now) is beneficial to me, and I feel much more beautiful and energetic than I ever was before. Here are all my secrets …

Let’s talk about how women prevent themselves from enjoying life.

This article is meant for women of all ages. It’s never too late—neither is it too early—to care for your beauty as well as your inner state.

Here are some simple tips that will help you stay young, fresh and charming for the rest of your life:

  • To stay young, you have to pay more attention to yourself

Enough of those stories that we have to serve others, spend the most beautiful years of our life taking care of home …

STOP all of this nonsense. Don’t talk or think about it, neither should you even give in to this ‘brainwashing.’

We’re all taught to forget about ourselves and sacrifice ourselves for others.

You might find this article controversial at first, but this is just because our mothers and grandmothers—who have survived poverty, plague, and war—have taught us this way …

Times have changed, yet we continue living under the outdated laws.

However, more and more women have started caring for themselves, revealing their femininity and other qualities that give them the chance to be happier and more attractive.

So it’s up to you whether you want to be one of them (the happy ones) or stick to the old beliefs that prevent you from becoming happy.

We have to realize that we have been seeking approval from outside and from our husbands for many years (and we will most probably continue doing this, but the situation must change—at least a little).

Half of my life, I felt guilty of other people’s problems. For many years, I was trying to figure out how best to meet a man’s needs. I would spend half the day taking care of other people’s needs and trying to see myself as a good person.

I would continuously worry whether my husband would be happy with the dinner I made for him, if he would notice I looked nice, whether he won’t get angry, etc.

All of my attention was directed toward others—what they might think, what they might say or do, etc.

Even though my grandmother used to say “I wouldn’t have lived this long (90 years+), Ruta, if I had worried about others this much!” And she’s right.

I’m in no way saying that we should now stop caring for our loved ones. Rather, what the above means is that from now on, we should pay more attention to ourselves and our needs.

So let’s ask ourselves today, “Do I really want that?” And let’s learn to say ‘no’ in a polite and transparent manner if we feel we are sacrificing ourselves.

For example, my mother used to cook all day, clean the house, and then she would come to my house and watch her granddaughter; she would then go shopping for groceries, visit her mother, and go to bed feeling exhausted.

My mother has now learned to say ‘no’ to us and ‘yes’ to herself. And the most interesting thing is that we now love her even more, and we appreciate her help much more than before.

So, darling, the world will not really end if you begin taking care of ‘your beloved self.’

  • You must continuously improve yourself and keep up with the current times

We have to look for new things that we like and never imagine that we know everything. Life is very diverse, and if you think you know everything, it's your choice—and if you keep thinking like this, you will grow old very soon.

If you convince the world that mind and wisdom are not necessary to you, you will most probably come down with Alzheimer's—and then your quick aging sets in...

It is, therefore, necessary to look for activities that make you happy—this changes your life completely. A woman can then continually improve herself, realize herself, and discover new things.

For example, right now, I'm learning about makeup, and it really gives me a lot of joy.

I even think that it might be my future career. Sometimes I imagine how perfectly I could master this art of beauty ... I'm totally unsure where life will take me. I'm always interested in new ideas; I never cry about the times that have changed, and so on. I immerse myself in the innovations and feel young and viable ...

You have probably heard about dementia and other worrying diseases ... The best way to protect yourself from these things is by prevention—beginning from now!

You have to show the universe that you need your mind.

Exercise a lot; show the world and the universe that you need healthy joints and back because you're always looking ahead and have big plans! It works miracles! This is an incredible engine of youth!

Keep up with the world—Facebook, Instagram, fashion, interesting websites, Skype, etc. Go hand-in-hand with the world.

Sometimes women love to long for the good old times and criticize the present. Of course you can continue doing this, but now you probably understand that it doesn't bring anything good to you.

It's just one more thing that will add a few years and make you even older. You have to change with the era, be open to innovation, and accept challenges.

Challenge your mind; learn a new foreign language; get to know the technologies; don't just sit there worrying that the world lives on the Internet now; find out how the phones and computers work!

Challenge yourself and make your mind find solutions.

  • You have to take care of your beauty, health, and hygiene

Choose the right way of life today.

Perfect teeth, glamorous hair, an intimate area that's well taken care of (you can read more about the intimate health here!) and a fragrant and flexible body tell the world—and you—that you consider yourself a charming woman.

If you want to stay young and beautiful, you have to change your lifestyle today.

Beauty is not only a physical but also a mental state. Dress in beautiful clothes and do not save money for your beauty.

If you sweat a lot, then take a shower more often, find ways to deal with it, and so on. A woman cannot afford to look untidy these days; it's like writing on your forehead: "I'm invisible; don't look at me and don't touch me!"

Wear nice underwear and get at least a few good quality clothes and accessories. All of these things have a significant influence on a woman's inner perception of herself.

I will never forget when I worked on a cruise ship. Back then, I used to meet a lot of older Americans and Europeans. I just couldn't take my eyes off them. The women would glow with their beauty, luxury, great manners; they would wear sailor-like blouses and blue or white pants ... they would wear ‘Chanel’ perfume or smell of coffee ... Just delightful!

Another thing worth taking care of is your weight.

Keep your weight as stable as possible and as best suited to you.

Extra weight makes you look older. When a woman is overweight, she looks old. Of course you can argue that plus size women have fewer wrinkles, etc., but actually, they do not look young.

You probably know a woman who is overweight, and her age is hard to tell—she might be 28 or 48—so it's really important to control what we eat.

If you are constantly gaining weight, you have to learn about the psychological reasons behind this, and after dealing with them, you can easily lose weight.

Being too skinny is also useless. Just discover your ideal weight and try to maintain it. You don't have to overdo it with sports too.

I've noticed that women who work out a lot often have beautiful bottom or back muscles, but for some reason, the faces of women who lift a lot of weights seem to age faster, and they become more masculine.

So watch yourself and look for sports that give you more self-confidence.

  • You need to be responsible for your inner state

Another thing that makes a woman age very quickly is anger and sorrow.

Quite often in the city, you see a woman you might consider beautiful but has got this wrinkle of anger or deep sorrow.

So, if you feel that you are being hit by depression, jealousy, or the feeling of constant anger and dissatisfaction, do not let it stay.

Seek for help, go and see a psychologist, but do not let it accumulate for a long time. A constantly sad woman soon starts looking like a bulldog—half of her face surrenders to gravity, and eventually, her countenance becomes sad ...

Also, feminine practices can be of great help. Here are some of our most popular practices:

  • “The Magic of Sexuality: Beautiful and Unforgettable”
  • THE INTIMATE SECRET: How to bring back health, passion, and pleasure to your sexual area?

Awaken the happy woman inside of you and take care of yourself ... take care of your inner hygiene.

The End

Choose some of the things that seem closest to your heart and start today. Remove all the garbage from your closet and get yourself some fresh clothes—which will make you feel young and vibrant!

Yes, yes, you're worth it! You could be walking down the street and holding everyone spellbound. You can start living differently today.


P.S. The ability to stay young and beautiful is something that can be learned.

Why don't you start today with the information provided here? Or maybe you would like to add something? What helps you stay young and alive? Your experience, as well as opinion, is very important to us. We look forward to receiving your emails and comments.

P.P.S. Another thing that is very important for a woman is a VIBRANT SEXUAL AREA. We have already spoken about this in the previous articles. We recommend reading the secret to intimate health, beauty, and youth that was revealed in China 5000 years ago ...

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